Give the Gift of Swim Lessons

A Gift They Will Love

A Gift That Will Last

A Gift They Will Have for a Lifetime

British Swim School Lessons

Child FloatingIt’s time to think of holiday gifts. If you want to give a gift that will really last, give the gift of swim lessons. The benefits of learning to swim can last a lifetime and the experience of a special time together will be remembered forever. In addition, water survival and water safety lessons might just prove to be lifesaving. What a perfect gift to that special child or grandchild!

So many of the presents kids receive end up tossed aside and forgotten. The Happy You, Happy Mom blog talks about the effect of children getting more “stuff”.

“The hard truth is that a child who already has everything he needs (and maybe most of what he wants too) won’t fully appreciate gifts of more stuff. Here’s why: Research shows that after a while, the human brain gets used to new stuff. The fancy scientific term for this phenomenon is adaptation, and it means that when we’re exposed to something on a regular basis, we adapt to it. In other words, when your child gets used to that new stuff, it becomes as notable and interesting as the carpet he walks on in your home every day… not at all notable or interesting. This is why after a few days or a couple weeks, most gifts end up shoved in a closet or somewhere else out of sight, forgotten and collecting dust.”

The Pragmatic Parent blogger is determined to give experiences – experiences which will last a lifetime. “When will we learn? The things our children will look back and remember as adults won’t ever be the toys they received from Santa on Christmas morning or the palm-sized gadgets in their stockings. It will be the memories and experiences – not just from around the holidays but all year long. It’s not what they receive, it’s who they spend time with and what experiences they have. These non-toy gifts will help you give your children memorable experiences to last all year long, and for many years after that!”

Wellness Mama blog echoes this point of view: “Many studies have shown that material possessions do not equal happiness and that experiences are much more intrinsically fulfilling that things. (Additional bonus: you don’t have to find a place to store experiences except in your heart, memory, and maybe in a photo book!)” She cites a researcher who has spent years “trying to understand why experiences have the ability to contribute to happiness so much more than material purchases.” The research shows that experiences provide more lasting happiness than material possessions.

British Swim School Northern Baltimore offers premium swimming lessons for babies, kids and adults, starting from three months. We proudly serve the communities of White Marsh, Nottingham, Rossville, Carney, Parkville, Middle River, Essex , Rosedale, Towson and the surrounding communities. Call 410-457-9355 to enroll, or find a class online.

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