Families United to Prevent Drowning

Asian Sisters PoolsideFamilies United to Prevent Drowning is a group of people who have lost a child to drowning and who, through their individual organizations, have joined to create one voice to say ‘NOT ONE MORE’”

The stories are heartbreaking. The “Not One More Story Collection” is on the website. As they say: “It’s a tough read. But so worth it. Each family in this book once believed that drowning was something that happened to other people. Then suddenly, without warning, we became ‘other people.’ It happens every day. To good families. To protective families. To normal families. Families like ours. Families like yours.”

Most of the children were young toddlers and preschoolers. Most were out of sight for moments. Their parents were loving, attentive parents – and careful. Kathy and Blake Collingsworth, for example, had a fence around their Lincoln Nebraska pool. The pool was covered 90% of the time by an automatic pool cover which was locked by a key kept 6’ off the ground. In addition they had a security camera focused on the pool that could be viewed from any TV in the house. But all their precautions did not prevent their 2 ½ year old son, Joshua, from slipping out of sight for just a few moments.

The Collingsworths are convinced that if Joshua had known how to float, he would have been found in time and would be alive today. Their conviction is shared by many of the other families as well as Nicole Hughes and Morgan and Bode Miller who lost 3 year old Levi and 19 month old Emmy this past June. Knowing how to roll over and float can buy critical seconds.

Swim lessons and learning water survival do not lessen the need for adult supervision, for fences on all 4 sides of pools, for learning CPR and for using U.S. Coast Guard certified flotation. But knowing how to roll over and float might have saved Joshua’s life and Levi Hughes’ life and Emmy Miller’s life.

Spring vacation and summer will be here before we know it. Enroll your child in swim lessons. Families United does not want you to become a member.

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