Why Continue With Swim Lessons Even After Summer Ends?

  • Across the country, pools may close in the fall, and canals, rivers, and backyard pools may go cold – but they do not disappear. The danger is equally present year-round.
  • Learning Water Survival is first and foremost a skill – not a sport or activity. It is a lifelong necessity, and is always in-season.
  • Stopping the continuation of a learning process of any skill will set a child back at any age, but especially a young child. It will totally regress if lessons end, and is more beneficial if the child keeps it up.
  • For the child who has passed the learning stage, swimming year-round will enhance their all-around fitness. It’s a great way to promote activity in children, that also reinforces their skillset and improves their ability to survive in a variety of water situations.
  • Studies suggest that little ones who swim have enhanced cognitive ability, social skills and advanced coordination.