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Water You Up To This Summer?

WaterYou-1The lazy days of summer are upon us. Nothing can quite compare to longer days without a care in the world. We’ve put together three categories with five ideas for water fun this summer. So, “Water” you up to this summer?

The time spent at the pool will help your kids further hone their swimming skills. But even with endless swimming, they can get bored. The following pool games go beyond Marco Polo and are guaranteed to keep your kids busy in the pool!

Ping Pong Scramble
Players form a large circle in the pool and scramble to collect ping pong balls and place them in their container. Pour a large container of ping pong balls in the middle of the players circle. Whoever collects the most balls wins! Have them collect them in different colored laundry baskets or buckets that are placed on the edge of the pool.

Choose a player to be “it”. This player stands in the middle of the pool. The other players line up on one side of the pool and attempt to swim to the other side without being tagged. The players who are tagged hold hands with the player who is “it” and for the next round all the players holding hands try and tag the swimmers as they try and make it to the other end of the pool.

Take a clear, 2-liter bottle, remove the wrapper and fill it with pool water. Try to use a bottle with a white cap, or a cap of the same color as the floor tiles of the pool. Divide everyone into two teams and line them up, in the water, on opposite ends of the pool — facing away from the water. A person who is not “playing” stands outside the pool and tosses the bottle in the water. When they hear the splash, the players turn around and try to find the bottle. The clear bottle blends in and becomes almost invisible on the bottom of the pool.


Bobbing Heads
One player is “it” while the other players bob in and out of the water at one end of the pool. Without crossing the centerline, the person who is it tries to hit one of the bobbing players with a foam or soft rubber ball. Bobbing players should come up and submerge at an irregular pace to keep the person who is it from knowing exactly when they will emerge again.
If the person who is “it” misses, he or she must retrieve the ball and return to the throwing side. If he or she hits one of the bobbing players, the person who was hit then becomes it.

Choose a person to be “it.” This player stands on the side of the pool with their back to the other swimmers who are lined up in the water on the same side of the pool. Players choose a color and keep it to themselves. The player who is “it” begins to call out colors one at a time. If a player’s color is called out they must try and make it to the other side of the pool as quietly as they can. If “it” hears them swimming then they can dive into the pool and try and tag a player. If “it” turns around and the players still have a hand on the side of the pool then “it” must take a step away from the edge and start again. If “it” catches a swimmer then the swimmer becomes the new “it”.

Sometimes you just can’t to get to the pool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some water fun. The following ideas can help keep your kids cool and wet right in your own backyard.

Giant Bubbles
A little science, a little water and a lot of fun! Find directions, tips and tricks to make giant bubbles!

Water Bombs
Cool off and entertain the little kids with these easy to make fun water bombs.
Learn how here

Ice Block Treasure Hunt
Plan ahead and make these ice blocks for a cool afternoon of entertainment for your kids. Find out what you need and how to make an ice block of your own.
Ice block

DIY Slip N Slide
Find out what supplies you’ll need to create an afternoon of fun for kids of all ages.
Slide supplies

Make Your Own Sprinkler
Make this super fun sprinkler from a two liter bottle.
Find out how here

There may be a few days this summer in which Mother Nature is just not having it. If the sunshine is gone for the day (or days), don’t let it get you down. Here are some rainy day water activities your kids can partake in.

All you need for this game is some pennies, a container and some water.
Find out how to play here

Rain Art
Throw on your rain gear and have the raindrops assist in some fun art.
Get the details here

Play in Puddles
If you’d prefer something a little different, get ready to get wet and jump in the puddles.
Here are three ideas for some puddle fun

Cloud in a Jar
Use the rain as an opportunity to share a science lesson with your kids. Check out this super cool project!
Make a cloud in a jar

Indoor Water Park
If the rain is giving you cabin fever and you just can’t take it anymore, check out an indoor water park. With locations throughout the US, there is bound to be one near you.
Find locations here

Between pool games, yard games and rainy day activities, you’re bound to have an incredible summer! Didn’t see your favorite game or water activity listed? Let us know what it is!