Trick or Treat. Kick your Feet.


This October, take a cue from us and get kicking with one or all of these great kicking exercises, games, and ideas. Tell us what you’re doing by using #BSSKickYourFeet when you post a photo or video.

Kicking through the pumpkin patch.
Use balls, mats, and other toys as pumpkins (obstacles) in the pumpkin patch that they have to swim around.

Pumpkin races.
Or use the mats as a pumpkin carriage to use for kicking exercises. Use rectangle boards or mats for a hearty round of kick-board races.

Kicking competitions.
There is a minimum of two kids for this one! Have one kid hold a side of the mat and kick, and another kid opposite and kick, almost like tug of war.

Away we tow!
Tow kids in swerving, curving paths from one side of the pool to the other. Or tow them in a fast, straight line.

Take a seat. Kick your feet.
Have your child sit in a chair and alternate pointing and flexing his feet. Is he fast enough to keep you from pinching his toes when he points them? You don’t need water for this one!

Kick like a mermaid.
Using the butterfly kick, ask the students to “kick like a mermaid” and have mermaid races underwater through hoops.

Croak like a frog.
Do the breaststroke kick like a frog and when you come up for a breath say “Ribbit!” Kids love this one!

Kick the lights.
You can also do red light, green light kicks—just like the playground running game. And don’t forget slow and gentle yellow light.

Kick the balloons.
Use balloons or balls and have kiddos kick them—the more colorful balloons the better!

Get your parents wet.
We saved the best for last with this one. Have the kids kick as hard as they can to get their poolside parents wet. Ideally, you’d like to have the parents willing to participate.