Super Swimming Spring Break Destinations

Spring break offers many opportunities to step away from school and work to relax and spend time together as a family. If you’re stumped for ideas for the best places to spend spring break and spend some time in the pool you won’t want to miss the following five types of spring break destinations that will offer a break from the day-to-day and also give your family plenty of opportunities to get in the water.

1. Indoor Water Parks

Indoor water parks off the fun of the water without a concern about the weather outside. Perfect for a long weekend, even in colder climates, there is likely an indoor water park within a day’s drive. Some of our favorites include:

2. Ocean Play

One of the benefits of knowing how to swim, is being able to do other swimming-related activities like surfing, snorkeling and wild inflatable water slides. Check out our top picks:

3. Hot Springs

The natural hot springs offer the unique experience to get into the warm water even when the air is cool (or cold)!

4. Cool Pools

What’s your definition of a cool pool? Is it glass portholes that peek into the lobby? A family-friendly lagoon-style pool in Vegas? Or is it a water elevator? These are our picks for the coolest spring break pools:

5. Tropical Paradise

The call of the tropics can be strong. If you’re looking for the blue waters of the Caribbean you may be interested in our favorite locations:

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Where are you planning on swimming for spring break?