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Safety Can Be FUN!

It’s summertime – break out the coolers and sunscreen! But slow down and also make some safety plans. June is National Safety Month and you know how British Swim School feels about safety – it’s critical. However, there are ways to make learning about safety funand here are some ideas.


  • Learn to swim! We highly encourage every member of the family to know the basics of water safety and survival. It’s obviously why we do what we do. Swimming lessons are great fun for little ones – splashing about and kicking their legs. Kids love to improve and learn new ways to navigate the water. Teenagers and pool time are synonymous because it’s a blast! Adults can (and should) love relaxing pool and beach time with kids without If you’re not already here, visit our website to find a class right for everyone. Make it a family affair!
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  • Create a map for how to get out of the house safely in an emergency. Let the kids draw the house and yard. Allow the kids to decide where you will meet up outside. Whether fire, toxic fumes or any other reason to evacuate, this is an important plan to have in place.
  • Ask each childhelmets-for-safety-300x300 to have a “safe word” that an adult can use if they need to pick them up from school or anywhere else. Ask them to be creative with the word or phrase and make sure it’s memorable. Take the time to have that important discussion that they cannot go with anyone who doesn’t know their safe word.
  • Helmets! Studies about traumatic head injury and the improved engineering of helmets are saving lives and little brains every day. Let your child pick out their own helmet and decorate it with stickers to make them proud of their personalized art.
  • Buckle up, Buttercup! Whether a 5-point harness, booster or regular seatbelt, make buckling up an entertaining habit. Sing a song while everyone gets fastened in or do a family chant that gets everyone motivated. A statistics lesson isn’t necessary for kids to understand the importance of car safety – fun is enough!
  • Let your kiddos decorate the bathtub! One great way to alleviate bath time falls are with tub floor grips. Take your kids to the store to choose their favorites – ducks, flowers or polka dots! Allowing kids to make it aesthetically pleasing to them makes safety cool.

In June and all year long, please be safe and encourage your kids to think of safety first. You can start today by taking the Water Safety Pledge

Also, check out National Safety Council for more safety information all month long!
June is National Safety Month