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Innovative Ways to Share Baby Safety

Swim Girl under waterIt’s our job to keep our babies safe, whether around water, stairs or stoves. Parents of babies have sleepless nights, long days and all the joy in the world. At British Swim School, we are focused on safety 365 days a year. Whether our students are three months old or 75 years old, what we teach is focused on feeling safe around water.

There are millions of books and websites dedicated to baby safety, so here are some tips for sharing safety tips that may help spread the word in innovative ways.

  • Give the Gift of Safety.
    Looking for a new gift idea? The gift of swimming lessons is perfect for anyone and can be given locally or to someone far away. It’s like gifting safety wrapped up in fun.
  • Build a Pinterest Page.
    Pinterest is a great way to gather up ideas for fashion, décor and more. But what about gathering tips and tricks for keeping babies and kids safe? There are always new “life hacks” and products that just may save a life. Be the person to start that board that your friends and family can learn from.
  • Follow Safety Experts on Twitter.
    If you search “Baby Safety” on Twitter, there are many experts and groups to follow. By following these influencers, you may learn something new or find tips to Retweet to your followers. Getting the word out about safety is a big part of the battle.
  • Donate Safety Books.
    Some people cannot afford parenting books. By passing on those that helped you – or even buying extra copies of them – you may save a life of an infant whose parents simply didn’t know something. Women’s shelters, thrift stores and other local organizations that help young parents would be grateful.
  • Share it!
    Did you read about a recall? Do you love your car seat? Did your pediatrician tell you something interesting you’ve never heard before? How about that article that shaped your behavior? Share it through social media – Facebook is perfect, but use whatever will reach people who may learn something from you.

Keeping babies safe is a parent’s responsibility, but it’s a societal duty, as well. Use these tips to share the love – you never know how many lives you may improve or save along the way.