Get Organized for School


Summer is coming to a close and the start of the school year is right around the corner.Early mornings combined with the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door on time, plus keeping on top of homework can cause stress.The following tips will help you get organized for a calmer school year.

Before School Starts

Make a Storage Area – Clean your coat closet or streamline your mudroom to create space for the kids (not you) to store their backpacks, jackets, sports and music equipment, and other back-to-school gear. It’s important for everything to have its place.

Plan for the Week –Write out your weekly schedule so nothing falls through the cracks. A magnetic planner like this one will be right at home on your refrigerator.

organize-3Create a Homework Station – Gather the supplies your kids will regularly need and create a homework station like this one to keep everything together in one place.


Get Ready First – Get ready for the day before the kids get up. When you’re not rushing around trying to get yourself ready, you’ll be more able to concentrate on helping your kids get ready for a successful day.

Make a Routine Everyone Can Stick to – Create a morning routine. Once everyone gets the hang of it, and knows what they should be doing, there will be more peace in your home.

Communicate – Make sure everyone knows the schedule for the day so there are no surprises.

School Day

Lockers – If your student is old enough to have a locker, Purchase extra shelves and locker organizers, The shelves give additional space for books and the organizers can store extra pens and pencils and personal items.

Color Code It – Select a color for each class and get a small binder in that color for each class.Get a notebook in the same color for the class.organize-1

Write it Down – Have your student use an agenda or student planner to record homework assignments and projects. Even on days when there are no assignments, students should write “NO HOMEWORK.” Planning ahead and knowing what is due will help to eliminate surprises and few excuses for not completing an assignment.


Get a Little Help – Have your kids help by hanging their coats, organizing their backpacks and homework, and putting stuff away.

You’re Not Wearing That! -Avoid the wardrobe war, Help your kids pick their outfits and shoes the night before.

Bedtimes – Set a bedtime and work hard to stick to it.Well-rested kids will be more agreeable for the morning routine and will be better students at school.


Clean Up for the Next Week – It’s hard to stay organized if there is clutter.Each weekend ask your kids to clean out their backpacks.Removing the gum wrappers, old papers and potato chip crumbs from earlier in the week will get the next week off on the right foot.

Check Supplies – Between the now clean backpack and the agenda, make sure your students have enough supplies for the upcoming week.Are they running low on pencils? Do they need more paper?Will they need poster board for the upcoming week?Eliminate the late night dash to the 24 hour big box store by making sure everyone has what they need for the upcoming week.

organize-2Plan Lunches – Don’t get stuck in the PB&J trap.Plan out lunches for week and get the groceries you need to make it happen.Need creative ideas for lunch?Check out these ideas and mix and match a fun, nutritious lunch in four steps.

Following these tips will help create a calm, successful environment for your students with less stress for you!