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Young kids need to learn water safety and swim survival skills

British Swim School is delighted to bring our parent trusted and kid loved ‘water safety first’ swim lessons to Essex County, NJ.


Drowning is the leading cause of death among young children. British Swim School’s mission is to help prevent these tragic deaths with a two-step curriculum that teaches children and adults water safety survival skills first and stroke development skills second.

Research shows that participation in formal swim programs such as British Swim School can significantly reduce the risk of drowning among children who are most at risk for deaths caused by drowning.


At British Swim School, we’ve been trusted by families since 1981, thanks to our…

  • Individualistic approach We get to know our students and families on a personal level, enjoying relationships that can last for years.
  • Highly-Trained, Child-Friendly Instructors We don’t just select our instructors based on their skills and professional experience. We also look for character and a caring, fun personality, so that learning is not just safe, but fun, for your child.
  • Warm Water! Our pool temperature is a warm 85 – 87 degrees. So, you won’t hear complaints of ‘I’m cold’. Kids love our pools, we hold classes year-round.
  • Year Round, Ongoing Enrollment You don’t have to wait for the school term to start before you enroll. We welcome children and families at any time! You don’t have to ‘slot in’ with an existing class. We start new classes with other children at the same level.
  • Small Classes We keep our classes small (no more than 4 students). Your child gets the individual attention that he or she needs and deserves.
  • All Ages – All-Inclusive We teach babies from as young as 3 months old, right up to adults. We’re also trained to teach children and adults with special needs. Everyone deserves to have fun in the water, learn how to swim, and learn survival techniques that will serve them their entire life.

Over 13,000 families nationwide and over 1,600 in New Jersey do so and trust us with the safety of their children.

Call us today at (201) 691 7817 or click Find A Class to register online at one of our 2 Essex County locations. To view our tuition schedule, please go to the PRICING tab.

The British Swim School – as featured on:

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  • Local 10 Miami
  • WSBS New York
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Great results!

My almost 4yr old has been taking classes here for a couple of months with great results! We love the warm atmosphere and the individualized attention. The teaching method is much more effective than anything I’ve seen at other swim schools with my older boys. Give it a try!


Kind, patient and quite knowledgeable.

The British Swim School staff provides a unique experience for people who feel they want to learn or improve their swimming techniques. The instructors are kind, patient and quite knowledgeable. I do recommend the British Swim School to anyone who wants to improve his/her style and enjoy the art of swimming.


Great experience overall!

I just want to share a very good experience we are having with British Swim school. I looked at many swim classes in the area and we tried several for my 5-year-old son. He was always nervous, refused to go into the water, complaining of being cold. We had a screaming and crying boy when attending the classes.

We decided to try British Swim School. The first few classes didn’t go well because my son didn’t want to go to the water and stay in the water. The instructor was very patient and understanding. Later the owner of the school reached out to me with several suggestions, how we could solve the issue of my son’s resistance and it seems to work!

My son is not swimming yet but he goes to the class and follows the instructor. It’s a big success for us and I hope he can swim soon. And let me mention, the water in the pool is 86F and my son is not cold as he was in some other pools.

Also have to mention how flexible they are with a schedule and working with you if you miss the class. Great experience overall!


Great place for kids.

This is a great place for kids to feel at ease in the water and to learn swimming techniques. The instructor is great with my girl.


Great swimming school!!!

My husband and I take classes. Going to swimming class on Saturday is the best way to start our weekend. I highly recommend this swimming school.


I just love this place.

No complaints whatsoever. Both my 6-year daughter and wife have been learning to swim at the Livingston school. Easy to schedule make up classes as well.
Thank you to the Team of British Swim School – NJ The Oranges


An affirming, positive experience.

My nephew feels special here. The school provides an affirming, positive experience for young swimmers. I think we will be here for a while.


Love the instructors.

Started our 6-month old in September, I’ve seen so much progress & so quickly also! Love the instructors … They adore our son 🙂


We cannot recommend this school high enough.

Our daughter (6) was afraid of getting her face wet, in spite of loving showers. We had a holiday to the Bahamas impending and I did not want to deal with this particular 6-year old logic when it came to water and one’s facade. The British Swim School was pretty amazing. After a relatively aggressive class schedule (twice a week for 3 weeks) she was floating on her back and swimming to the side of the pool unencumbered by an adult. This is a win. We cannot recommend this school high enough.


It’s Wonderful

Great Teaching!!


Five Stars (Out of Five)

The kids have progressed so much in the past few months.

Elisa C.

The most I like:

My grand children enjoy the swimming class and love Orlando the instructor.

Elena L

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