Meet Andy & Tapanee Thompson
Franchise Owners of British Swim School of Greater Boston
Introducing ​the Thompsons!tapanee Andy has been teaching science in middle and high school​s in New England and Bangkok, Thailand ​for 17 years. He ​is passionate about guiding young people to a successful future​. ​ Before British Swim School, ​Tapanee was working in the financial services industry for 12 years and was searching for something ​more meaningful to do for​ quite some time​. Inspired by her husband, she searched high and low for something to do that makes a difference. Something that she is proud of. ​​Then she found British Swim School​.
The Thompsons found the Chelmsford area to be beautiful and felt the schools would be a fantastic fit for their kids. So they, moved here about 2 years ago. It’s a great bonus also, how close it is now to travel to see their family and friends in VT and NY.
​The aim of British Swim School ​is to save lives​, teaching water survival and swimming proficiency skills from infants all the way up to adults. ​Since both of them love to swim- Andy in Lake Bomoseen, VT and Tapanee in the nearest lap pool, British Swim School was a perfect fit.   ​Add to this the fact that they are the proud parents of two wonderful children under the age of 4, the connection to the mission of BSS was immediate. To have a hand in giving just one child the skills to survive an accidental fall-in was exactly the kind of meaningfulness Tapanee was looking for. Diligent research of other local swim programs revealed that no other company was providing the level of quality of instruction to swimmers, training to its employees, or overall service to its customers. Tapanee knew she found her new mission, and together with her husband, has never looked back!
Aside from running a business they love and believe in, the Thompsons love spending their free time with their children, sharing with them their love for international travel, the outdoors, music and art. This time of the year, their favorite things to do are skiing and snowshoeing. They are also looking to get another dog this year!