Read About Our Students' Before and After!

Read About Our Students' Before and After!

Before and after swim photos









Hi Tracey,

I just wanted to share an awesome "before/after" photo of Emily and Lucy. The top photo is from our trip to Orlando last September - before British Swim School. Neither girl had ever been in a water safety class and while they wanted to be in the water, they were terrified. So they wore life jackets almost the entire time (even when they were in water where they could touch).

We were planning another trip to Orlando this year, so we signed them up with the British Swim School in early June so they would feel more confident in the water. They have progressed so much in less than 6 months. The bottom two photos show them this year (we just got back from Orlando last weekend). These two were unstoppable and swam 2-3 hours almost every day for 8 days. Emily even brought one of her old swim caps (it made it very easy to spot her when she was going down the long slide).

Thank you for having such a great team of instructors. This success is due to you and your team. Last year, they were terrified of the water. This year, they were swimming like pros! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

See you Saturday!