Should My Child Be Using Floaties?

Should My Child Be Using Floaties?

As you make your way to the pool or beach this summer, please give careful thought when you pack those “water wings” or “puddle jumpers” in your swim bag. Many people believe these to be a good starting tool for helping children learn how to swim. The opposite is actually true. These “floaties” do not help children learn to swim.

Should My Child Use Water Wings?

Water wings merely assist children to stay vertical in the water. Moving vertically in the water is extremely inefficient. It requires a lot of energy for very little actual movement.

Water wings create a false sense of confidence for children and parents. You may think your child is comfortable being in the water, when what he/she is really most comfortable with is being in the water with floaties. Your child ends up with more confidence than skill. This kind of thinking is very dangerous. Bottom line is that any of these devices hinder proper swim movements and significantly delay the learning process of how to swim properly.

At British Swim School, your highly trained instructor will spend a lot of time getting your child comfortable with his/her face in the water and comfortable in that essential, horizontal swimming position. It’s important to teach swimming properly from an early age: once a child gets a taste of freedom in the water using floaties they lose interest in swimming independently.

So What Do You Do If You Have Several Children in the Pool Who Need Your Supervision?

First of all, continue with your child’s year-round swim lessons until he/she can swim 25 yards and get several independent breaths. If you feel you must use a flotation device, avoid any “arm-type” floaties. Choose something like a coast guard approved life jacket that is truly a safety device. Most importantly, make sure your child’s last memory of the water is one where he/she has been swimming without any flotation device. Your child should leave the pool with an awareness of what his/her true swimming skills are like.

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