Quick Facts about Breaststroke!

Quick Facts about Breaststroke!

The breaststroke is said to be one of the oldest swim strokes, according to Your Swim Log. Researchers have come across evidence of drawings in the Egyptian cave, the Cave of Swimmers, depicting images of the stroke on the walls. The breaststroke became widely popular, being implemented in the Olympics for the first time in 1904.

The stroke also has two different pulling motions: turning-pressing out motion and pressing down pulling motion. Breaststroke has a timely set of actions; the kick motion is separated completely from the pull of the arms. While your arms are in the process of the pressing down pulling motion, your head comes out to allow you to breathe in. Once the arm-breathing cycle is completed, we complete a breaststroke kick!

1. The breaststroke kick starts off with straight legs.

2. Your legs will pull up in an upward motion at the same time.

3. After pulling your legs upwards, your heels will be drawn towards the seat and turn out in a circular motion propelling you forward.

4. Finally, they’ll finish in the original straight streamline position.

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