Meet Lake County Aquatics Director Jackie!

Meet Lake County Aquatics Director Jackie!

Jackie started as an instructor a year and a half ago, and eventually earned the role of Aquatics Director around February 2018. As an Aquatic Director, her goal is to ensure British Swim School Instructors are teaching safely and efficiently, while also making sure students are learning to their best abilities and ensuring they are comfortable in the water. Jackie’s passion is teaching everyone, from babies to adults, as much as they can learn in the water; she really enjoys figuring out different ways to teach and learning what clicks and helps people understand the mechanics of swimming better.

Jackie's Favorite Classes to Teach

Her favorite class to teach is Turtle 1 or Swimboree. In Turtle 1, students show the most progression and it is exciting to see them go from nervous and dependent Minnows to confident beginner swimmers, some as young as 3! In Swimboree, Jackie loves helping babies and toddlers earn complete independency in skills such as rolling over, floating, and taking breaths before entering the water, and the reactions their parents have. Her favorite part about working for British Swim School is feeling like she is making a positive, long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

More About Jackie

Jackie is attending community college to earn an Associate’s majoring in English, but is still undecided on her future career. Her favorite subject in school was an outdoor education course, as she is passionate about being outdoors and enjoying the world. Her dream job would have to do something with traveling, or animals, as she has enjoyed them throughout her whole life. Jackie has many hobbies and is passionate about having new experiences and learning many different skills.

Some of the more prominent hobbies include collecting and playing video games, all sorts of outdoor activities such as biking, geocaching, hiking, kayaking, collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils while traveling, making art, playing flute, decorating herself and her surroundings with findings from thrift stores, and photography. Both of her parents are from Poland, so Jackie is mostly fluent in Polish and English. She never says no to new experiences, and has tried foods such as turtle soup and fire-roasted colombian ants. So, she’s very adventurous!

Why Jackie Is Passionate About Water Safety

When Jackie was in middle school, her family had decided to go rafting together in Wisconsin. This was not everyone’s first time rafting, but it was the first time she experienced falling off during a rapid on a single person raft, and it was terrifying. She realized the importance of water safety skills after a guide pulled her out of the water by the back of her life jacket and she walked to shore slightly traumatized, knowing she completely forgot any safety tips they had explained just before taking off. For a long time she avoided being in water for fun. But, at the end of High School, she felt determined and learned the basics of swimming to share her knowledge with others so they too can eventually learn to enjoy being in water. Jackie is a wonderful example of overcoming your fears when it comes to swimming and new experiences!