6 Benefits to Youth Swimming Lessons in Lake County Chicago

6 Benefits to Youth Swimming Lessons in Lake County Chicago

If you’re thinking of enrolling your child in youth swimming lessons in the Lake County Chicago, you might already know how important swimming classes can be for water safety. What you might not realize is how many other benefits youth swimming lessons have to offer for kids in the Round Lake Beach and Waukegan.

At British Swim School Lake County Chicago, our swimming classes can help kids develop important life skills, become more physically active, and even perform better in the classroom. Here are six of the most important benefits that kids get out of youth swimming lessons with our swim school.

1. Youth Swimming Lessons Promote Safety

There is no more important reason for kids to learn how to swim than water safety. Water is a major safety concern for young children, especially those under 5 years old. Swimming lessons can substantially reduce a child’s risk of drowning, even in children as young as 1 to 4 years old. Our youth swimming lessons are the perfect way for Lake County Chicago area parents to start their kids with water safety early.

2. Kids Learn New Ways to Have Fun

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more fun than a trip to the pool. Strong swimming skills not only make kids safer in the water, they also allow kids to have more fun. Our youth swimming lessons build those skills and teach kids all kinds of fun games and exciting activities they can enjoy while swimming.

3. Youth Swimming Lessons Lead to Good Grades

Youth swimming lessons at British Swim School Lake County Chicago can help empower young swimmers to become the highest achieving students. Numerous scientific studies have linked physical activity with better grades, and swimming specifically has been linked to a boost in academic performance.

4. Swimming Teaches Teamwork & Cooperation

Learning how to play well with others is a crucial skill for young children. Our youth swimming lessons include team-based activities to encourage this skill in Lake County Chicago young swimmers. Learning teamwork early allows children to thrive in a range of social situations: from the pool, to school, to the playground.

5. Youth Swimming Gets Kids Active

Physical activity has clear benefits for everyone, including young children. But it can be tough to get kids active. Swimming classes are an excellent way to encourage early childhood physical development and health. They’re also filled with fun, so it’s easy to get kids excited for their next trip to the pool.

6. Kids Learn How to Set & Achieve Goals

Developing strong swimming skills also means developing confidence and discipline. Our instructors help young swimmers build these skills as they move up in our classes. We encourage kids to set ambitious goals and giving them the confidence they need to follow through.

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