We've started a swim team!

We've started a swim team!

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If you are a current student, you need to be a Shark or Pre-Team level to be considered.

If you are new to us, just give us a call for a free trial and you can show us what a strong swimmer you are!

The details:

  • The price is $200 per month. It will include 1-hour sessions, 2 times a week up to 10 classes a month.
  • Those who would like to come in and take classes only once a week will pay $30 per class.
  • We meet at both the Naperville and Glendale Heights LA Fitness locations (Naperville – 1836 Freedom Drive and Glendale Heights – 265 E Army Trail Road):
    • Naperville: Wednesdays, 7-8pm
    • Glendale Heights: Thursdays, 7-8pm
    • Naperville: Fridays, 7-8pm and
    • Naperville: Sundays 6-7pm
  • For current BSS students, to be on our non-competitive swim team you must come in at least two times a week. Only then can you be transferred to Barracudas. If you would like to try, but aren’t sure if you are ready, then talk to your Shark or Pre-Team class instructor. If she/he agrees, you can join our swim team level once a week. We encourage all Sharks and Pre-Team students to try!
  • Purchasing equipment is mandatory. However, we can save you the time and buy it for you. The full list will be given to you at your first class.

Please call or text with questions at (630) 333-9382 or email us at goswimdupage@britishswimschool.com

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