Baby Swimming Classes: Fun for Babies & Parents in the Western Suburbs

Baby Swimming Classes: Fun for Babies & Parents in the Western Suburbs

As a parent, you might already know how magical baby swimming classes can be for infants. At British Swim School Dupage-Kane our baby swimming classes offer babies as young as three-months-old a chance to experience the water for their very first time. After getting over any initial fears, children fall in love with floating, playing, and splashing about in the pool. In addition, they learn water survival techniques that each infant can utilize in a real-life scenario.

Why Babies Love Our Swimming Classes

It’s no surprise that the youngest swimmers love our baby swimming classes. While the very first time in the pool can be a scary experience for some, others adapt almost instantly. Soon, babies discover the comfort of floating in water, the amazement of how water moves, and the joy of splashing about in the pool. With our fun and gentle methods, the classes contain lots of songs and games making the aquatics educational process fun for everyone in the pool.

…And Why Our Parents Love Them Just as Much

What you might not realize about our parent-assisted baby swimming classes, called Tadpole & Swimboree, is how big of an impact they make on our parents. As a parent to a child enrolled in baby swimming classes at British Swim School Dupage-Kane, seeing your baby discover the water for his or her very first time is an amazing experience, one that many parents cherish for the rest of their lives. Even more importantly, you’ll learn crucial information about keeping your child safe in and around water, vital information for parents of infants or any young child. The survival lessons are taught in a structured class environment giving each family the ability to continue using those techniques when on vacation, at a hotel pool or even at the lake. The learn to swim program is a great bonding experience and infant activity that can assist with the developmental process too.

British Swim School Dupage-Kane offers baby swimming classes in different locations throughout the Western-Suburban area of Chicago, including Glendale Heights, Naperville, South Elgin, Bolingbrook, Carol Stream and Oswego. Call 630-333-9382 to enroll.