7 Tips for Keeping Bath Time Safe

7 Tips for Keeping Bath Time Safe

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, after pools, ‘more children younger than 5 years old drown in bathtubs than in any other product in and around your home. Most bathtub drowning and near-drowning incidents are to children under the age of 2.

There are several precautions parents can take to make sure their child doesn’t become a statistic, and most are low-cost or even free.


  1. Never Leave A Child Unattended. This is probably the simplest way to ensure your child’s safety.


  1. Be Prepared. Bring everything you might need for the bath into the room with you, from towels and toys to diapers and clothes. There should never be a reason to walk away from a child in the tub, even for a quick moment.


  1. Use A Non-Slip Mat. These mats help keep kids from slipping on wet surfaces in the bathtub. Some mats adhere to the tub itself while others can be placed in the tub only when needed. This is especially helpful for those little ones who have just learned to stand and like to do it at every opportunity.


  1. Use the Right Water Temperature. The water needs to be warm enough to get clean and have fun, but cool enough not to burn. If you have a little one that loves being in the tub, be ready to add warm water as needed. Otherwise, they’ll get too cold and hypothermia becomes an issue.


  1. Keep the Door Shut During Bath Time. It will keep distractions at bay.


  1. Drain the Tub Completely Before Leaving the Bathroom. It takes only seconds for a child to drown in a small amount of water. If the water is drained, the worry is gone.


  1. Bring A Phone. No, really – have a mobile or cordless phone in the room with you just in case an accident happens. But make sure to turn off the ringer & notifications so it doesn’t become a distraction for you.


Protect kids when it isn’t bath time, too. Use the toilet locks and knob guards to keep little hands from causing trouble. Another option is to simply close the door – at least until they are tall enough to reach the handle.