February Fundraiser: Lots of Lovely Hair to Give

February Fundraiser: Lots of Lovely Hair to Give

Dear BSS Families,

On February 28th one of our Franchise Owners, Maybelline, will be cutting and donating her hair to Wigs for Kids. It is a non-profit organization tailored for kids who are going through Chemo or have Alopecia. The best part about this organization is that they do not charge their recipients any money for the hair they receive.

Some interesting facts about donating hair:

It takes about 18-20 ponytails to make a custom wig for a child.

It costs around $1800 to make 1 wig.

Some kids may need hair because of an autoimmune disease like Alopecia, or going through Chemo or Radiation therapy.

Below is the link to her fundraising page on their website. We are striving to get to $1800 which is how much it costs to make 1 wig for a child. If you could please help out with a donation of whatever amount your budget allows, we would be so grateful! Please share amongst your friends and loved ones and help make a child’s dream come true!

Visit the Fundraising Page

Maybelline’s hairdresser is donating her time and fee to this cause and she will hopefully donate around 20 inches of hair on February 28th, 2018! Stay tuned on Facebook for the pictures and final tally!

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