Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in Jersey City

Instructors and parents holding babies showing pool safety in Jersey CitySummer is on the horizon once again, and that means the kids are out of school and in dire need of something to do! For lots of families, a trip to the pool is the perfect solution. However, no matter how many times you’ve gone swimming as a family before, drowning is always a risk, even for children who know how to swim. That’s why, at British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, we think everyone should revisit certain pool safety techniques before they head to their go-to pool in Jersey City, NJ.

Where to Start with Your Pool Safety Prep

Before all the chaos of water parks and summer pool parties sets in, there are a few steps you can take to pave the way for a fun, safe summer for the whole family:

  • Go over the basics. Remind everyone in the family, adults included, about pool safety basics like never diving in the shallow end, never running next to the pool, and never going into the pool when no one else is around.
  • Sign everyone up for swimming lessons. If it’s been a while since your kids took a swimming class, or you never formally learned how to swim as an adult, now is the ideal time for everyone in the family to develop or improve upon this skill. Keep in mind, though, that you should still keep an eye on your kids when they’re in the pool, even if they have taken lessons.
  • Take a CPR course. In the event that someone starts drowning in the pool, being able to perform CPR right away could be the difference between life or death, and can help prevent brain damage that could occur before help arrives.

Register for Swimming Lessons in the Jersey City Area

At British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, we use gentle and fun techniques to help everyone from tiny tots to older adults learn how to swim and generally feel more comfortable in the water. Our classes also focus heavily on water competency skills to help reduce the risk of drowning.

To learn more about pool safety or sign up for our swimming lessons in the Jersey City area, call British Swim School Hudson Waterfront today at (201) 676-3630.

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