Swim Lessons: Goals for Every Age in Jersey City

Instructor helping child learn to swim with swim lessons in Jersey CityFor swim lessons in the Jersey City area with a focus on safety, call on British Swim School Hudson Waterfront. With enthusiastic instructors, proven methods, and goal-oriented class levels, we’ve become the first choice in swim lessons for parents in Jersey City, Lyndhurst, Edgewater, Hoboken, Weehawken, Bayonne, Secaucus, Union City, North Bergen, and the surrounding areas. Our swimming lessons will teach your child critical water safety skills and how to swim, all while having a blast!

Not sure which swimming lessons are right for your child? Here’s a quick overview of some of the goals for each class level at British Swim School Hudson Waterfront:

Classes for infants and toddlers ages 3-36 months:

  • Tadpole. Students completing our water acclimation class, Tadpole, will be comfortable in a swim ring with no tears or fears, and be able to fully submerge and perform an assisted back float.
  • Swimboree. Goals for Swimboree students include full submersion sitting or standing, torpedo rollovers, back floating, and independence in the swim ring.
  • Seahorse. Seahorse is for students 18-36 months old who have completed Swimboree. Goals include learning independent back floating, how to push from the wall and rollover, and underwater rollover and float.

Classes for kids ages three and older:

  • Starfish. This beginner class builds confidence and self-esteem. Goals include a supported back float, full submersion, and independence in the swim ring.
  • Minnow. Minnow students learn beginner water survival techniques. Goals include an elementary backstroke, gliding to the wall, and safe entry and exit with mobility using the wall.
  • Turtle 1 & 2. In Turtle 1, students learn propulsion skills for survival. Goals include swimming 10 yards of elementary freestyle, side breathing, and backstroke. Turtle 2 students focus on correct arm, leg, and breathing coordination. Goals include swimming backstroke and freestyle for 20 yards and treading water.
  • Shark 1 & 2. Shark 1 students perfect their swim strokes. Goals include swimming backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly for 25 yards each. Students completing Shark 2 will increase the distance of each swim stroke to 50 yards.

Swimming Lessons for Every Skill Level in Jersey City

No matter which class your child starts in, they’ll advance at their own pace. Using this method ensures your child never needs to wait for a new class session to start and will never be rushed if they need additional time to master a new skill.

To enroll in swim lessons or for more information, call British Swim School Hudson Waterfront today at (201) 676-3630. Our swim lessons are available in Jersey City, Lyndhurst, Edgewater, Hoboken, Weehawken, Bayonne, Secaucus, Union City, North Bergen, and the surrounding NJ communities.

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