Adult Swimming Classes in Jersey City: Getting Ready

adult swimming classes in Jersey CityIf you live in the Jersey City area and have recently enrolled in adult swimming classes with British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, congratulations! Whether you are taking classes to learn how to swim, improve your technique, or learn critical water safety and survival skills, you’re on the right path. Our adult swim classes provide personalized instruction from experienced instructors that will focus on the areas you need the most.

To help prepare for your first adult swimming class in Jersey City we’ve rounded up a list of gear that we recommend to all our adult swimmers:

  1. Proper swimwear – If your swimsuit or trunks need constant adjustment, or ride up or fall down when you enter the pool, they’ll be a distraction for you during your lesson. Leave baggy swim trunks and bikinis for sunbathing at the beach, and instead opt for a streamlined suit that’s comfortable, snug, and doesn’t ride up when you move.
  2. Goggles – While goggles aren’t required, most adults prefer wearing them during their swim classes to protect eyes from chlorine. Goggles can also make it more comfortable when getting used to submerging your face in the water. Choose a pair that forms a watertight seal around your eyes without feeling too tight.
  3. Towel and cover up – A towel is essential, but if you prefer more coverage after your adult swimming class, consider bringing a coverup or robe. Many sporting goods stores in Jersey City carry adult “fitness robes” that are lightweight, absorbent, and offer great coverage.
  4. Water bottle – Staying hydrated is important during any exercise, including swimming. Bring a water bottle to keep poolside so you can take regular sips during your swimming class.
  5. Toiletries – After your swim class at British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, it’s a good idea to rinse off or shower if you have the time. Bringing the essentials, such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, will make it easy to freshen up quickly.

Enroll in Adult Swimming Classes in Jersey City Today

Ready to take the plunge? At British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, our adult swimming classes are conveniently located throughout the Jersey City area in heated indoor pools that are kept at a warm 85-86 degrees. These cozy atmospheres keep our students and instructors comfortable in any season and allow our classes to run year round, even in inclement weather.

To enroll in swimming classes or learn more about our program, call British Swim School Hudson Waterfront today at (201) 676-3630. Our adult swimming classes are available to adults in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken, Bayonne, Secaucus, North Bergen, Lyndhurst, Edgewater, and throughout the surrounding communities.

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