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If you are looking for a job that is fun, exciting, fast-paced, involves sports, and teaching children new skills, then British Swim School is just what you’re looking for!

Since we started British Swim School has rapidly grown to the premier water survival and learn-to-swim school. Our mission is “To ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer”.

We offer part-time positions with flexible work schedules and hours. While this is not a seasonal position, we encourage and welcome students to apply! We understand school comes first and are more than willing to work around school schedules.

The positions we are currently hiring for are:

Swim Instructors for Babies, Toddlers and Kids Lessons (will train)

Location: Jersey City, NJ | Secaucus, NJ | Bayonne, NJ

If you don’t like kids – then don’t read this posting!

The British Swim School Hudson Waterfront NJ is looking for Swim Instructors for several locations in Secaucus, Jersey City and Bayonne.
You don’t need prior swim instructor experience, we will teach you everything you need to succeed. All you need is to LOVE working with children!

        • Do you just love interacting with children?
        • Do you enjoy caring for others?
        • Would you enjoy singing “Ring Around the Rosie” to a group of four children in the pool?
        • You know how to handle crying children and are not afraid of them
        • Can you be in a chlorinated swimming pool for 4 hours at a time?
        • Do you care about the safety of children and would love to help saving lives?
        • Are you good at explaining things to others and overall just a nice and friendly person who can keep calm, even under stress?
        • Do you have a sense of fun?
        • Can you be a professional yet still laugh, smile and play for hours at a time?
        • Do you want to leave a lasting legacy in people’s lives with the work you do?

      Yes? – Then we absolutely want to talk to you about a position as Swim Instructor!

Who Are We?

The British Swim School has been teaching children and adults for over 30 years and is always keen to hear from enthusiastic swimmers who would like to be part of our growing instructor team in New Jersey. Out motto is ” Survival of The Littlest” – help us do just that! We are operating out of over 150 pools across 15 states – and are now rapidly expanding into New Jersey!

Who Would You Teach?

Although we teach swimming to all ages and abilities, the majority of our students are pre-school and elementary-aged children so you really have to enjoy working with this young age group and be able to put their parents at ease too. Experience of working with children or in a child oriented business is preferred, although not necessary. If you can still demonstrate the desired attitude that would make you a good fit for our team we’d be happy to hear from you.


You don’t need to be a swim instructor or even a lifeguard yet – the position includes 40 paid hours of specialist training in our highly-developed proprietary methodology.
We need you to have a CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding certification to teach with us – BUT if you do not have these certifications yet and you impress us at interview, we’ll help you get them. We will even reimburse you for what it cost to get them – after you have been with us for 6 months.
We are looking for exceptional people – and for this we pay above average compensation.

Working Hours

This position can be full time or part time – depending on your availability. A shift is 5 hours and can be any day of the week. You can get between one and 5 shifts per week. Once you are assigned a shift, your hours will remain the same week after week. (e.g. Sundays 8am – 1pm)


If this sounds like a position that you would enjoy and thrive at, then please send us your resume!

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Swim School Deck Ambassadors / Customer Service Representative

Location: Jersey City, NJ | Secaucus, NJ | Bayonne, NJ

If you don’t like people or don’t like kids – then don’t read this posting!  We are looking for Lovers of People and Children!

The British Swim School Hudson Waterfront NJ is looking for customer service pros as Deck Ambassadors for several locations in Secaucus, Jersey City and Bayonne.

        • Do you just love interacting with people, especially young children and their parents?
        • Are you a true people person, maybe even a social butterfly?
        • Can you strike up a conversation with just about anyone?
        • Do you really hate bad customer service and think you can do a better job than 99% of customer service reps you come across?
        • Do you have an outgoing personality?
        • Do you care about the safety of children and would love to help saving lives?
        • Are you also organized, good at explaining things to others and overall just a nice and friendly person who can keep calm, even under stress?

      Yes? – Then we absolutely want to talk to you about a position as a Deck Ambassador!

The British Swim School USA offers premium water-survival and learn-to-swim lessons out of indoor pools at residential buildings, gyms, community centers and hotels. We teach everyone from 3-month-old babies to adults.

We are currently looking to hire part time “Deck Ambassadors” for our new pool locations in Secaucus, Jersey City and Bayonne.

A Deck Ambassador is a true people person who acts as our brand ambassador poolside and interacts with the parents while the kids are in the water getting lessons.

Key Responsibilities

A Deck Ambassador’s key responsibilities, after a thorough training, are:

        • Ensure that we provide our superb customer service in every interaction with students and parents – by understanding their concerns and delivering “Wow-Moments”
        • Explain the different types of classes and levels that we offer to enrolling parents
        • Explain the British Swim School unique teaching method to newly enrolled parents
        • Always be approachable and make eye contact with our customers
        • Give facility tours to newly enrolled parents
        • Get to know our regular customers quickly and greet the parents and children by name and with a smile
        • Handle enrollment, scheduling and rescheduling requests and enter them into the computer system
        • Check in new arrivals and mark no-shows in the system
        • Ensure that all classes begin and end on time
        • Conduct small “Happy Birthday” celebrations poolside for each kid who has a birthday during the week
        • Conduct poolside move-up celebrations if a child gets promoted to a higher class
        • Engage parents in conversations while their children are getting lessons in the pool and assist them with their needs and concerns
        • Explain a specific “Topic of the week” to the parents while they kids have lessons
        • Be a leader – organize and conduct team meetings (huddles) with our swim instructors before lessons starts
        • Be on time and hold other staff members accountable for timeliness and attire
        • Firmly but politely make sure that all the safety rules are followed on deck
        • Keep the registration table neat, clean and organized
        • Make sure everyone leaves the facility happy

    Our Deck Ambassadors act as Chief Happiness Officers at the pool

    Through this, they play an important role in the experience of our swimming lessons. As an Ambassador, you can make a difference in a crying child or an uncomfortable parent. You are allowed a great opportunity to build an impressionable relationship between our customers and the company.

    Sometimes going the extra mile to help your team of swim instructors or help a parent at the pool even makes it a great experience for you.

    Working Hours


    A TYPICAL WEEK CONSISTS OF 2 or 3 AFTERNOONS DURING THE WEEK AND ONE WEEKEND MORNING SHIFT, totaling up to between 18 and 24 hours per week. (There are also opportunities to get more hours.)

    Once you are assigned to your shifts, they will remain the same week after week.

    We are looking for exceptional people – and for this we pay above average compensation.

    If this sounds like a position that you would enjoy and thrive at, then please send us your resume!

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Telephone Sales for Swim School Memberships

Location: Jersey City, NJ | Secaucus, NJ | Bayonne, NJ

If you don’t enjoy selling – then don’t read this posting!

British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, NJ is looking for telephone sales / customer service genius with a knack for closing

  • Do you enjoy the act of selling, and are you proud of the closing and conversion rates that you are able to achieve?
  • Can you speak clearly on the phone?
  • Do you know how to convert inbound phone inquiries into enrollments?
  • Do you know how to control a conversation and lead through asking questions?
  • Do you know how to funnel a conversation to get to a “yes” – or do you want to learn it?
  • Are you able to explain class details and requirements over the phone and assign a child to a specific class?
  • Have you ever received sales training – or are eager to receive some?
  • Do you prefer a performance based component over only a fixed salary?
  • Do you know how to close a sale without coming across as pushy?
  • Are you aware that being nice is a requirement, but not enough to be successful in sales?

Yes? – Then we absolutely want to talk to you!

Main Responsibilities

  • Taking of inbound phone enrollment inquiries (monthly Swim School memberships) from callers who find us through online and offline advertising or our website.
  • Leading buyers to close a deal through an informed decision made in an ethical sales environment.
  • Retaining customers wishing to drop from the program.
  • Strategically capturing additional potential revenue opportunities.
  • Following upon referrals and leads.
  • Customer Service: Addressing all customer questions and concerns in a courteous manner
  • Entering enrollment information into our computer system during the call, taking credit card and personal information
  • In addition: Manage “Chat Support” feature of British Swim School website
  • In addition: Review and respond to email inquiries

This position focuses on inbound calls – outbound calls or cold calling are the exception.

This can be a part-time of a full-time position – depending on your schedule.

Hours are flexible. Let us know when and how much you can work.

The position is based on an hourly fixed base salary with commissions for enrollments made, drops prevented and conversion rates achieved.

Are you a closer? Then what are you waiting for? Send us your resume!

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Marketing Specialist for Swim School Franchise

Location: Kearny, NJ

Are you a digital marketing professional who is looking for something more MEANINGFUL? How about SAVING LIVES lives for a living?

British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, NJ is currently looking for a Marketing Specialist who is eager to tackle the challenge of making our brand a household name in our territory of Hudson County NJ, so we can serve our mission:

To ensure that every person can be a safe and happy swimmer in the water. Too many kids drown – and we are here to prevent this.

Seven Months ago, we started from zero. The name British Swim School was unknown in Hudson County. Today, we have over 900 students.

We have achieved this without a dedicated marketing expert on staff – imagine what’s possible if a professional like you gets to work?

  • We are a company that has seen extreme growth – we went from zero to 32 employees in seven months – and this was just the beginning.
  • You will be part of a dynamic startup team that is facing new challenges every day, so you need to be able to solve problems quickly.
  • You will report directly to the owner, who will rather say “That’s a great idea, let’s give it a shot!” than “No, that’s not how we do things here”. We need your input!
  • You will be expected to learn, work and think independently, with no-one telling you how to do your job, only what we expected as the outcome.
  • If you are looking for a 9-5 job, then this is not the company for you. You will spend most of your weekends at promotional events or at the pool, and our social media does not stop – but you will have the freedom and the budget to try (almost) every new marketing tool and tactic that you deem worthy. Our team is on a mission, and we do whatever it takes to become the absolute best swim school in Hudson County.

If this sounds like a dream job to you – then you might be our new Master of Buzz.


  • Develop a strategy and tactics to increase brand awareness
  • Plan and execute all web, SEO/SEM, email, social media as well as offline advertising campaigns
  • Build and maintain our social media presence
  • Outreach to local Influencers and “Mommy-Bloggers”
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals
  • Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights
  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies
  • Plan, execute and measure experiments and conversion tests, optimize user funnels
  • Evaluate emerging technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate
  • Organize and staff promotional events as well as outreach activities like Water Safety Presentations to the community.
  • Organize flyer distribution
  • Ensure compliance with our Corporate Design and Identify

Qualifications and Skills

  • Social Media Obsessed: Demonstrated knowledge of and professional experience with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • Experience in social media content deployment, including copywriting/editing, image editing/optimizing and scheduling/optimizing posts for best performance
  • Knowledgeable in best practices of campaign development to optimize efficiency and quality of campaigns across all channels (email, web, social)
  • Working knowledge of SEO, SEM, Google AdWords and Social Media Ad strategy and platforms
  • Excellent writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills.
  • Experience in the creation of conversion funnels.
  • Demonstrable social networking experience and social analytics tools (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and A/B campaign testing)
  • Local knowledge of Hudson County NJ, preferable Hudson County resident
  • We expect you to have 1-3 years of experience in the above-mentioned fields. This could be your first job out of college BUT you MUST have gained experience and be very proficient in at least some of the areas mentioned. Make sure to tell us about it in the online application.

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HR Specialist / Corporate Culture Champion

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Are you a human resources expert looking for a company with heart that is focused on SAVING LIVES?

Are you obsessed with improving corporate culture – constantly thinking of new ways to strengthen employee engagement and satisfaction?

Do you know what an organization needs in order to do to keep retention high and attract great people?

Do you want to work for a leader who says, “Wow, that’s a great idea, let’s give it a shot”?

Do you want to help build a rapidly growing company that went from zero to 32 employees in seven months?

We need someone who can find, grow and keep the remarkable assemblage of great people we have, so we can fulfill our why: To ensure that every person can be a safe and happy swimmer in the water. Drowning is a leading cause for death of kids aged 1 to 5 and we are here to prevent this.

If this sounds like a dream job to you – then you might be our new Corporate Culture Champion.

British Swim School is the premier provider of water-survival and learn-to-swim lessons, now offering classes in Secaucus, Bayonne, Jersey City and Weehawken for everyone from 3-months old to adults. With a history of over 35 years, British Swim School currently teaches over 13,000 students per week nationwide, using their signature and award-winning methodology. Developed and refined by a former national swimmer for England, their goal-oriented program focusses on individualized learning in small groups of 4:1.

Our highly-trained professional instructors give individual attention to each child, to make sure they progress as fast as possible. Lessons are always fun.

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