September is such a great month. With kids back in school, routines are back and it’s a great relief for many families. It’s also the time of year when High Fives and Saving Livesextremely grateful for the teachers and school staff who care for their children. We love any opportunity to celebrate our wonderful instructors (who work all year-round). They are the spirited heartbeat of British Swim School.
This month, we are focusing on two topics. The fun theme is Go – Fight – SWIM! We want the entire British Swim School Family (and that includes you) to have school spirit and be proud of British Swim School. In the UK, we don’t really do pep rallies like Americans do, but I love the concept. I want this month to be full of enthusiasm, pride and overall excitement about what we achieve together. Some locations will be hosting pep rally-themed open houses this month. If there is one in your area, be sure to stop by!
Our other focus is that September is Baby Safety Month. While this is our message year-round, we will capitalize on this month’s heightened attention on the topic. There are many dangers to infants and babies, but water safety is absolutely critical. Babies should NEVER be alone or by water. And even if they are always being supervised, they should know how to back float in the case of an emergency. It’s our ultimate mission to eradicate drowning. Together, we can.
So who is excited for September? Let’s build that school spirit (high fives all around) and SAVE LIVES!
Best Regards,
Rita Goldberg