Why Winter Swimming Classes Are a Great Idea

Mississauga pool ready for winter swimming classes

The idea of winter swimming classes might sound like an oxymoron to some people in Mississauga. You look around you in the middle of January or February and you see and feel snow, ice, frozen lakes, and sub-zero temperatures. Not the time to be in any kind of water in Ontario, you might think. But swimming classes during the winter are just as beneficial and comfortable as they are in the summer. Below are some of the reasons why winter swimming classes make total sense.

Winter swimming classes mean year-round practice

Swimming is a lot like riding a bicycle: once you learn how to do it, it never really leaves you. The problem is, however, that many children in Mississauga don’t receive enough pool time to really master the necessary water safety and competency skills. A 2009 study from the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine contends that swimming classes can dramatically reduce a child’s risk of drowning, especially when they take them between the ages of 1 and 4.

Cure the winter blues

People often talk about SAD, or seasonal affective disorder during the winter. There is less sun, less hours of daylight in general, and the greyness and harshness of Mississauga can, understandably, get people down. This is why it is important to incorporate a lot of exercise into your winter routine. Exercise is vital for mental health, whether you are old or young, and what better way to get your, or have your children get their exercise than to do so while learning and practicing a vital life skill.

Avoid cabin fever

It doesn’t matter how strong you are mentally, too much time indoors can result in cabin fever. Anyone who has ever had to spend an extended period of time in the same place, usually indoors, without necessary stimulation knows what that means. Back to back weeks of weather so cold that doing anything outside is basically out of the question means people spend indoors. Winter swimming classes are a great way to beat the monotony and work something stimulating into the winter drudgery.

Maintain cognitive sharpness while school’s out

Swimming has been shown to help improve literacy, numeracy, cognitive ability and social skills in school-age children. During the winter break, kids typically are looking for a rest from their scholastic lives, and want to spend their days being, well, unproductive. The post-break malaise always takes a week or two for kids to get over after the holidays. Help keep them sharp with winter swimming classes.

The winter doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say out of the water in Mississauga. Contact British Swim School today and find out more about why winter swimming classes are just the thing to help get your mind and body through those long, cold months.


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