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Have Fun at Baby Swimming Classes in Mississauga 

girl in baby swimming classesBaby swimming classes have a lot to offer infant swimmers. These classes are a great way for kids to build important water safety skills and offer the chance to discover all the fun that water offers. Our baby swimming classes, available at two convenient Mississauga locations, are filled with smiles and laughter from young swimmers as they float, splash, and explore the water for the first time.

But babies aren’t the only ones who fall in love with these classes. Mississauga parents get a lot out of taking part in our parent-assisted baby swimming classes, gaining cherished memories that will stay with them for years. Along with those memories, parents learn valuable water safety skills, which are crucial for keeping young children safe around water.

Benefits of Baby Swimming Classes

Our baby swimming classes offer a lot for Mississauga’s youngest swimmers. Babies in these classes learn to overcome their fears, develop basic water safety and survival skills, and have a blast as they discover all the fun that swimming offers.

In our Tadpole classes, young swimmers are introduced to the water for the very first time. This gives kids the chance to overcome water-related fears early. Your baby will discover back floating and submersion for the first time, laying a foundation for water safety and future swimming skills. Best of all, your child will have a blast as they discover all of the new experiences that swimming offers, all with mom or dad at their side.

Once your child has developed our Tadpole program’s basic skills, they can join the fun in our Swimboree classes! These classes are filled with songs, games, toys, and activities that babies love. They also include structured water exploration to help develop your child’s confidence. In these classes, we continue to build on basic skills, using one-on-one instruction to prepare kids for toddler classes.

While Mississauga’s youngest swimmers discover the water in our baby swimming classes, their parents get to share in all the fun and excitement. Parents love the bonding experience offered by our classes and the chance to see their children fall in love with swimming.

Parents also learn important skills and information about water safety for infants. Because of the risk that even a few inches of water can pose for young children, it’s crucial that moms and dads know how to keep their kids safe when in or around water. Our baby swimming classes help Mississauga parents build these crucial skills and learn some of the most important ones in a hands-on environment.

Baby swimming classes at British Swim School Greater Toronto are open to families throughout the Mississauga area, including those in Meadowvale, Brampton, Churchville, and Lakeview. Call 289-569-1444 or find a class online to sign up today!

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