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Learn The 4 Strokes of Swimming and Become an Expert in No Time

4 strokes of swimming being used in a meet

Become a Master of the 4 Strokes of Swimming There are 4 strokes of swimming that every water lover should know, which will not only help you become a better swimmer, but will also help you master your favourite sport. […]

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Swimming Lessons for Kids in Mississauga

Little girl learning to swim with kids swimming lessons in Mississauga

Looking for kids swimming lessons in the Mississauga area? Look no further than British Swim School Greater Toronto. We offer swimming lessons with an emphasis on water safety to kids of all ages and skill levels. Available to families throughout […]

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Learn How to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear to Help Your Little Ones Stay Safe

Mother preventing swimmer’s ear in her child at the beach

Defeating and Preventing Swimmer’s Ear: A How-To Guide Swimmer’s ear is a common occurrence for those who love being in the water, and it is an unfortunate experience for those who suffer through it. No one wants to see their […]

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5 Water Safety Tips for Parents in Mississauga

Woman teaching child to swim and about water safety in Mississauga

No matter how old your child is, teaching them critical water safety skills is one of the most important things parents can do to help keep their children safe. That’s why parents throughout the Toronto area, including Mississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, […]

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3 Common Questions Parents Ask About Swimming Classes in Mississauga

woman teaching boy to swim at swimming classes in mississauga

As a parent, you always look for the very best for your child. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a swim program, since your child’s abilities in the water are vitally important to their safety. At British […]

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Why Learning to Swim Can Empower Your Child

Young superhero ready to go swimming

If your child is a big fan of The Justice League, they likely know how awesome Aquaman is. Batman has to call on Aquaman to help save the world because Aquaman has the skills that the other team members lack: […]

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The Benefits of Early Childhood Swimming for Mental and Physical Development

Group of children learning and developing through swimming

Swimming and child development are strongly linked. When children learn to swim, they are doing themselves more favours than simply learning how to navigate through the water. Early childhood swimming skills can help a child develop the mental, emotional, and […]

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5 Questions About Water Safety That Could Help You Save Someone’s Life

Family practicing water safety together in the pool

5 Water Safety Questions to Calm Concerned Parents Did you know that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death or serious injury in the world? In children, it’s the second more common cause. We cannot overstate how important […]

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Swimming Lessons for Toddlers in Mississauga

children in swimming lessons for toddlers in mississauga

It used to be that kids starting swimming lessons when they were school age. Today, though, swimming lessons for toddlers in the Mississauga, ON area are numerous. So why choose British Swim School Greater Toronto over other swim schools? For a few good […]

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Swimming Classes in Mississauga: 4 Common Questions Answered

swimming classes mississauga

You want the best for your child – and that includes the swim class you enroll them in. But with so many different options for swimming classes throughout Mississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, Churchville, and Lakeview, ON, it can be tough to make […]

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