It can be hard to find the perfect holiday gift. Your life is busy and the hottest holiday toys fly off the shelf. But some of the best gifts come from something other than neatly-wrapped boxes. They come from meaningful life experiences. 

This holiday season, discover the gift that keeps on swimming! Your friends and family will love receiving a British Swim School gift certificate for future lessons, and now is the perfect time to join in the fun and build long-lasting memories. Plus, winter swimming lessons make it much more likely that they’ll be a safer swimmer at the beginning of summer.

Swimming lessons are the perfect gift for people of all ages. Here are the top 3 reasons to give the gift of swimming:

Protect against the danger of drowning

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years old. But there’s good news. Learning to swim from professional instructors can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. By gifting someone swimming lessons, you’ll provide them with the skills to save themselves in a water emergency. 

Become safer for the summer

Swimming is not a skill a child is going to learn overnight. It’s a multi-step process that takes time to learn. Year-round practice helps students maintain and improve their skills.  And swimming during the winter months will increase the likelihood they’re comfortable, confident, and prepared for summer fun in the water. Plus, swimming is a fun activity that allows socialization in a small group setting. Check out our blog on the importance of year-round swimming lessons.

Live an active and healthy lifestyle

At any level, swimming is a great way to maintain your health. You can improve your stamina and burn calories through a low-impact, easily sustainable activity. And children who are physically active are more likely to stay active as they grow older. Swimming is one of the best ways for anyone to get exercise, offering numerous health benefits that include muscular development, cardiovascular stamina, flexibility, and physical coordination.

Give the gift of swimming this holiday season and become the holiday hero of your household. Contact your local British Swim School for more information!

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