Help Your Child Learn To Swim With Our Classes in Gilbert

girl in swim cap treading water to learn to swim in GilbertIf you want your child to learn to swim, why not bring them over to British Swim School East Valley? With a regular class schedule for every age group in Chandler, Mesa, and Gilbert, we have something for every child. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your little one build up independence and self-esteem while picking up a new skill. Let’s see what your child can do in the water!

Bringing Safety and Fun Together in Gilbert

Many kids feel nervous about entering the water. With our swim classes, we can help to ease any discomfort they feel, slowly acclimating them to the water. Before kids learn how to swim, our instructors in Gilbert will first help them learn to float in the pool. This can build children’s confidence in exploring the water on their own.

At British Swim School East Valley, water safety is a core aspect of our swim classes. When kids learn to float, they learn how to fall into the pool, turn over, and float on their back, so they can breathe and call out if they need to. They’ll bring this skill with them whenever they’re near unfamiliar water or even at home near the pool.

When your child knows how to float, then we can help them to learn to swim. Their knowledge of floating can come in handy here, too. When they’re beginning to swim, it’s easy to get overexerted. But if that happens at our classes in Gilbert, it’s easy for kids to float on their backs and ask for help from the instructor.

How We Make It Easy To Learn To Swim

When you choose British Swim School East Valley, you get the benefit of our small classes and highly trained instructors. The warm indoor pool makes kids get into the water with less squirming and more splashing. We work one-on-one and in group settings with your kids, so they can learn to swim with the support they need.

If you’re wondering how your young kids will learn to swim, we use repetition to help them practice their swim strokes. It allows them to gain muscle memory for when they’re in the water, so they can move around on their own. With regular classes in Gilbert every week, you’ll see them navigating the pool with increased confidence and skill.

Let’s get your child ready to learn how to swim. Call us at (480) 725-9292 to learn more about our classes in Gilbert, or visit British Swim School East Valley online.

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