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Year-Round Swimming Lessons for Kids in Chicago, IL

Parents often fail to think about swimming lessons for kids in Chicago until summer arrives. However, safety experts encourage year-round swimming lessons to protect against the risk of drowning. Attending swimming lessons regularly can help beginners master water safety and swimming skills more quickly than “traditional” session-based programs. When children take a break from a skill they are just starting to learn, they run the risk of losing out on critical progress. Year-round swimming lessons give children the repetition they need to retain newly acquired skills!

About our Swimming Lessons for Kids in Chicago

British Swim School of Downtown Chicago offers survival-first swimming lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. Using our fun and gentle teaching methods, we develop kids into stronger, safer swimmers through a curriculum of water acclimation, water survival, and stroke development classes. In addition to the benefit of water safety and survival skills, there are many benefits to swimming with us that can be carried throughout each swimmer’s lives.

  • Water Safety: We offer survival lessons first, and then learn-to-swim lessons (two schools in one!). It’s important that our swimmers have the skills to survive in the water and then we will teach them to swim!
  • Teamwork & Individuality: The maximum number of children in our survival levels is four. This allows for individual attention and practice for each child, as well as the opportunity to learn through observation!
  • Goal setting and Achievement: We have five move-up goals for each level. Each goal is made up of a series of progressions that a child works through. As children progress, we recognize their achievement with “move-up” celebrations!
  • Year-Round Fitness: Swimming lessons allow children to stay active throughout the year, even during the cool winter months! In most cases, outdoor activities can taper off, but our indoor, year-round swimming lessons help to keep kids moving!

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