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Mommy and Me Swim Classes in Chicago: Swimming Safer, Together

Famililes participating in a mommy and me swimming lesson

Determining when to begin mommy and me swim classes in Chicago can be a daunting decision for many parents. So, when’s the best time to introduce your child to the water and the structure of formal swimming classes? Safety experts recommend getting started as soon as possible! These water introduction programs provide a fantastic opportunity for parent-child bonding and help children build a positive relationship with the water. Generally, parents and children play games that introduce water safety skills and lay the foundation for swim readiness! 

About our Mommy and Me Swim Classes in Chicago

British Swim School offers mommy and me swim classes focused on water acclimate and survival skills for even the youngest children! Following our mantra “Survival of the Littlest,” our gentle instruction introduces the skills needed to survive an accident in the water. However, we also make learning fun, which we know improves knowledge retention! 

Why is British Swim School a local favorite for mommy and me swimming classes?

  • Our instructors are child-friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to accommodate the needs of both the parent and child – a true win-win!
  • Our program incorporates educational playtime because we know that a fun environment removes fear and promotes learning!
  • Water safety education caters to both the parent and child to promote a multi-layered protection plan against drowning. 
  • Our curriculum-based program allows children to graduate to more advanced classes as they develop, following the class structure they’ve become accustomed to and maintaining consistency! 

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