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Group Swimming Lessons in Downtown Chicago, IL

Group Swim Classes in Downtown Chicago

Group swim classes in Downtown Chicago provide a fun environment for children to share, take turns and be social while learning a critical life skill. Little ones love to interact with each other, and our 4 – 6 child class sizes make learning fun while simultaneously fostering relationships with children from nearby Chicago neighborhoods.

There is no wasted time during class! Our Instructors keep students engaged at all times, whether it’s in the pool itself, the pool wall, or on the platform taking part in activities. Even while your child is on the side of the pool, they are watching other students and learning from what they’re doing. Seeing others do what they are learning is an excellent teaching tool. Additionally, while watching other students, they learn to wait their turn and the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Upon enrollment, children are placed into classes based on their age and skill level, with clear goals outlined for each level. Our curriculum-based program begins with the foundation of water survival first, followed by learn-to-swim programs. Once the skill of survival is mastered, it then becomes much easier to teach actual swimming classes.

Depending on the class level, group swimming lessons in Downtown Chicago teach:

  • Water acclimation
  • Independence in the water
  • Beginner and advanced water survival techniques
  • Beginner and advanced strokes
  • Breathing coordination
  • And more!

Swim instructor showing kids how to kick in water

We Offer Personalized Attention in a Group Setting

Overcrowding is a common concern with group swimming lessons and can hinder the progression of a child’s swimming skills. Don’t worry: we offer intimate class sizes and our Instructors are trained on how to give personalized attention to each child, even in a group setting! We work with each student to address their individual challenges and ensure they’re developing the skills required to advance to the subsequent level.

“I would highly recommend the British Swim School! We drive from NW Indiana to the South Loop and it’s been such a great experience for my daughter. After spending a year with our local YMCA, we noticed she wasn’t learning anything new or progressing. We enrolled her in British Swim School and she’s already moving up quickly. They focus on mechanics and various swim strokes. The staff has been so friendly and helpful!” – Aimee L.

Contact us today to learn about what makes us different! Our group swimming lessons attract families from the Chicago Loop, Skokie, Evanston, Hyde Park, Rogers Park, Southlake and the surrounding Downtown Chicago areas!