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Children’s Swimming Lessons in Downtown Chicago, IL

Survival Swim Classes for Children in Downtown Chicago

At British Swim School of Downtown Chicago, our mission is clear: protect families from drowning and near-drowning incidents through education and water safety awareness. Our curriculum-based program groups classes by age and ability, and children progress to the next class level once they’ve mastered the previous level’s goals. Our gentle and effective techniques have been trusted by families since 1981 and encourage each student to master the skills necessary for greater safety in and around the water.

While attending swimming lessons at British Swim School of Downtown Chicago, your child will learn:

  • Water acclimation
  • Confidence and self-esteem to build independence in the water
  • Beginner and advanced water survival techniques
  • Beginner and advanced strokes on their backs and fronts
  • Breathing coordination
  • Starts and turns for each stroke

In addition to stroke development, our children’s swimming lessons teach lifesaving water safety techniques to protect children from water-related incidents. These techniques include safely entering and exiting the water, rolling over into a black float, and gliding back to the wall.

Swim instructor in pool teaching swim lessons

Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Chicago Families

Warm weather days are few and far between in Chicago, but our children’s swimming lessons will help your family progress in their confidence and abilities to enjoy the water – whether at the pool or cruising along the Chicago River! Not to mention, there are many benefits to teaching children how to swim! 

  • Safety: Most importantly, children must learn to swim to improve safety in or around the water. While other precautions can be taken to protect children from the water, swimming is the final layer for safety. While learning to swim should not be seen as “drown proofing”, it can help to reduce the risk of drowning significantly!
  • Fitness: Swimming is a low-impact activity, providing aerobic activity with minimal stress on joints. When a child learns to swim, they learn a skill that can be used to improve fitness throughout their life.
  • Social Development: Children learn social skills while learning to swim in group lessons. Our 4 – 6 child class sizes provide a fun environment for kids to share, take turns and be social with other children from nearby Chicago neighborhoods. While watching other students, they learn to wait their turn and the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  • Lifelong Skill and Enjoyment: With a knowledge of water safety and swimming techniques, children will be able to safely enjoy all water-based activities surrounding the Downtown Chicago area. For parents, knowing that their child has strong swimming skills will increase their ability to enjoy time around water.

Swim instructor in pool giving student a high five for doing well

Don’t Delay, Enroll in Children’s Swimming Lessons

Children are safer when they master swimming skills at an early age, and at British Swim School of Downtown Chicago, children can begin learning how to swim as early as 3 months old. We are the premier provider of survival and stroke development swimming lessons in Chicago, with seven pools conveniently located throughout the Downtown Chicago area. We welcome families from Downtown Chicago, Chicago Loop, Skokie, Evanston, Hyde Park, Rogers Park, Southlake and the surrounding communities! Find a pool and enroll online or contact our friendly team of experts for assistance!

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