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Group Lessons

To receive our monthly pricing, you must enroll with a credit card and commit to a minimum of two months of classes with British Swim School. Tuition is due by the 20th of the month to secure your place in the class schedule for the following month. The monthly tuition is based on the number of classes a family is enrolled in each week, as well as the number of classes held in the following month.

Number of Classes Attended Per Week Child Cost per Class Adult Cost per Class
2 or more (Best Value) $21.40 $28.50
1 $25.20 $33.60

Students who take swim lessons twice per week reach their goals three times faster. Tuition is also Best Value when two or more members of your immediate family take lessons. You are eligible for our Best Value price if:

  • One student takes lessons twice per week
  • Siblings take one or more lessons per week each
  • An adult and a child take one or more lessons per week each

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private classes are available upon request and subject to schedule availability. Private classes are $60.00 per class and Semi-Private classes are $80.00 per class. Please call our office at 610-607-4420 for more information and assistance with enrolling in a Private or a Semi-Private class.

Adult Lessons

Adult group classes have a ratio of 3:1 students to instructor and are priced according to the chart above. Private and Semi-private adult lessons are the same cost for children and adults. For advanced adults, or if you have specific goals (e.g., preparing for a triathlon) please call our office to discuss pricing and schedule.

Annual enrollment fee

$36.00 per student or $49.00 per family (two or more students)

Additional Information

  • All classes are 30-minutes long.
  • All classes, including adults, are conducted in small groups (4:1 student/instructor ratio max; Tadpole and Stroke Development classes 6:1 student/instructor ratio max; Adult classes 3:1 student/instructor ratio max).
  • We allow one make up lesson per month with advance notice for free, or without advance notice for a fee of $10. See our FAQ section for more information.
  • Billing for the first month will be pro-rated tuition plus the annual enrollment fee. If signing up after the 20th, the following month’s tuition will be included in the initial billing.
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