Help Your Child Get the Most from Swimming Classes

At British Swim School Delaware Valley, we know swimming classes are an investment in your child – and your peace of mind as a parent. But getting the most from them requires more than just showing up to our pool in the Delaware Valley area. If you want your child to learn as much as possible from the experience, you need to follow a few important steps:

Get there on time. Classes are only 30 minutes long, so if you arrive five minutes late and it takes your child a few minutes to get into the pool and get settled, then almost a third of the class has gone by. Instead, make sure you arrive a few minutes ahead of time so your child doesn’t feel rushed and has enough time to get ready before class begins.

Be prepared. Nothing throws off swim class quite like forgetting goggles or a towel. That’s why we always recommend having a dedicated swim bag where you keep essentials, such as goggles and a swim cap, or a pack of swimming diapers, if needed. While you can’t keep a swimsuit and towel in there, it will make life easier if those are the only items you have to remember on swim days.

Make a bathroom run. Bathrooms breaks take away from class time. Not only that, but they cut into your child’s focus. Getting a swimsuit on and off in a hurry is not easy. Instead, make sure your child uses the restroom just prior to the start of class, when there’s time and they’re not yet wet.

Enforce water safety rules at home. Water safety is taught in all swimming classes at our Delaware Valley-area swimming pools. But reinforcing these rules at home when they’re in the pool, or on family swim outings, will help them better remember what they learned. From no running on the pool deck to never swimming alone, we encourage all parents to discuss these water safety rules regularly with their kids.

Get Started with Swimming Classes in King of Prussia and Malvern

There’s nowhere better in the Delaware Valley area for your child to learn to swim – and do so safely – than in swimming classes at British Swim School Delaware Valley. Our instructors teach kids of all ages and abilities, and even adults, instilling a life-long love of the pool and life-saving water survival skills.

British Swim School of Delaware Valley offers premium swimming lessons for infants, babies, kids and adults, starting from three months old. We proudly serve the cities, towns & communities of King of Prussia, Malvern, Paoli, Villanova, Chesterbrook, Wayne, Phoenixville, Norristown, Philadelphia, and beyond. Call 610-607-4420 to enroll, or find a class online.

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