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Baby Swim Classes in Pompano Beach: A Fun-Filled Introduction to the Water

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children aged 1-4. Fortunately, most drownings are preventable by taking simple safety steps, including baby swim classes in Pompano Beach. A recent study found that giving swimming lessons to children ages 1 to 4 makes them significantly less likely to drown.

Parents also get a lot out of our parent-assisted swimming classes, gaining lifelong memories and learning valuable water safety skills, which are crucial for keeping young children safe around the water.

Learn More About Our Baby Swim Classes in Pompano Beach

British Swim School is a local favorite for baby swim classes in Pompano Beach. Through structured fun and games, babies from 3-36 months can learn essential survival skills, like rolling onto their backs and floating.

While babies discover the water and the joy it offers, their parents get to share in all the fun and excitement. Parent participation helps to eliminate fear and provides a fun parent-child bonding opportunity. You will also learn important information about protecting your family from drowning.

What can you expect from our baby swim classes?

  • An instructor will lead the class, but parent participation is required in the water or outside the pool. Be ready for a lot of singing, splashes, and smiles.
  • Instructors work with each child individually, moving quickly between children to ensure everyone gets as many turns as possible.
  • Swimmers learn water safety skills that they use throughout the entire swim program. We are working on independence and separation from the parent to prepare for more advanced classes.
  • Parents learn water safety skills and receive information about keeping their families safe around the water.

Become a Safer Swimmer

Learn to swim with British Swim School! We have small class sizes and highly trained instructors to give every child the attention they need. Registration is available year-round, and families can sign up anytime. Find a nearby location to get started, or contact us today.

Hear From Our Parents and Students

I am very confident that my daughter is learning from the best.

I love bringing my daughter to British Swim School because the instructors are great with her and she is starting to love the class. I'm excited for her to continue to learn her survival skills! Olivia, satisfied parent

Thank you British Swim School! Highly recommend!

At first, my daughter did not even want to get into the water. They were so kind and patient with her. Small class sizes so focus can be given to each child on improvements and help them with learning new swimming skills. The instructors and staff are friendly and amazing. Sarah, satisfied parent

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