Our history of over 30 years shows that children who take swim lessons 2x per week reach their goals 3x times faster. That’s why we offer lower prices if you come more than once per week.

FEES – Area 1 (West Suburbs)

Twice a week
Group (1:4) $23.80 / lesson
Semi-Private (1:2) $44.20 / student / lesson
Private (1:1) $66.30 / lesson
Barracuda Swim Team $240 / month / student

FEES – Area 2 (Chicago Midway)

Twice a week
Group (1:4) $21.25 / lesson
Semi-Private (1:2) $44.20 / student / lesson
Private (1:1) $66.30 / lesson
  • One Group class per week is $28.00 in Area 1, and $25.00 in Area 2.
  • Each additional sibling receives 15%* savings of the 1x per week rate.
  • We feel strongly about helping our students learn 3x faster, and frequency of swim matters. Take 4 lessons a week and receive a 20%* savings. The 4 lessons a week may be a combination of 2 students swimming 2 days week. This discount is not applicable to swim team.
  • All our lessons are 30 minutes long and are conducted in small groups (1:4 ratio, Tadpole and stroke development 1:6)
  • Swim Team training is twice a week, and each class is 60 minutes long. A third class is optional and has no additional cost.
  • Adult group classes are the same fee as children’s classes, and the ratio is 4:1.
  • As payment we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Your card will be debited automatically around the 20th of each month for the following month’s lessons.
  • All programs are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Can’t make a class, contact us to learn more about our make-up policy.
  • The first month is paid upon enrollment on a pro-rated basis.
  • Annual Membership Fee: $39 per family and due upon enrollment.

*Savings is only available to families with continuous enrollment. Month to month enrollments are not eligible for the additional savings.

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