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The Central Maryland British Swim School family is delighted to offer you on-going enrollment into British Swim School’s unique program of classes at any of our ten local pools.

We’re dedicated to excellence in everything we do. We’re also confident we have the right class for your littlest learner, your returning ‘tween, or an adult who has not yet learned to swim. Highly trained instructors teach our fun, gentle methods in small class settings. Combine these benefits with our warm-water, indoor pools and you’re guaranteed the best possible learning environment.

Whether you’re seeking a welcoming ‘Mommy and me’ class or wish to concentrate on stroke development, simply click the “Find a class now “ button to begin selecting the class that best serves you or your little one’s needs.

Not sure which program suits or still have questions? Call our friendly locally based customer service team. We are here to help you with every aspect of your swim journey.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our pools very soon!

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My daughter’s confidence has grown

My daughter’s confidence has grown more than I’ve ever heard from anyone else doing other swim lessons through gold fish or the ymca or anywhere. Love these classes!

Looking forward to the next step of Barracuda!

The foundation and stroke technique that BSS was able to provide Andrew has been beyond our expectations as parents. At just 5 years old, he was the talk of the summer swim team. We look forward to continued success in your program and are looking forward to the next step of Barracuda!

Best swim company

Best swim company I’ve ever worked with. My timid unconfident swimmers blossomed into confident and brave fish under the instruction of kind, patient and attentive staff. Can’t speak highly enough!

Michael does such a great job

Hello, My 6 year old, Sammy, has weekly classes with Mr. Michael on Saturdays at the LA Fitness on Quince Orchard. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful instructor Michael is. He has an amazing combination of talents that make for a great teacher–he is gentle and kind, yet authoritative enough so that the children listen and pay attention. He is so sweet with the kids, and friendly and polite with the parents. Sammy loves him and has been consistently progressing since we started lessons last year. Michael does such a great job attending to each child’s individual needs and approaching challenges from different angles. I hope you do everything that you can to retain him. He seems to be the gold standard representative for British Swim School! I’m not sure what he does when he’s not an instructor, but he would be an amazing school teacher! Thanks so much, Liza B (also, my British husband concurs. 🙂 )

We recommend British Swim School

British Swim School has played a role in giving my two children confidence in and out of the pool. The program that focuses on survival first, has changed our experiences in and around pools, rivers and oceans for the better. We are a very water oriented family (paddle boarding, swimming and boating) and British Swim School has enhanced these activities for us. Great people to work with management to the instructors. We originally tried other local swim schools and they simply do not compare. We recommend British Swim School to anyone who is in need of swimming lessons. -Tom P

My twins have learned to swim at British Swim School.

My twins have learned to swim at British Swim School. They are only 5 years old and people are always impressed with their swimming skills. Highly recommend it!

Leiden R.

My nieces love their school!

My nieces love their school! Awesome instructors

Melanie M.

I highly recommend them!

I want to thank the British Swim School for having them do a demonstration for our Cub Scout Pack on water safety. They were wonderful to work with, clear it their knowledge, and patient and fun with the kids. I highly recommend them! Thank you again from Pack 178 Derwood

Jeffrey E.

I recommend BSS to everyone.

Instructor Chase is super with kids. He helped my son to love water. Thanks to Chase my son wants to be a swimmer. British Swim School you do great job!!! I recommend BSS to everyone.

Irinika I.

I know she’s in good hands.

Our kid has always been fearless, and now mommy is too because I know she’s in good hands and learning so much so fast. She’ll be an expert in survival skills soon!

Brooke W.

A source of motivation.

I went with intention of just giving grandchild survival techniques. He has not only become a strong swimmer but his accomplishments have been a source of motivation for him in all things.

Sherry J.

One of the most amazing swim teachers.

My daughter is currently in Turtle 2 with Ms. Katrina. She is one of the most amazing swim teachers we saw so far. She is so dedicated to her kids! She is very loving and firm at the same time. Swim classes are expensive, but we don’t feel like we are wasting money when we take swim classes with her! Thank you so much Katrina.

Selena L.

I couldn’t ask for anything better!

After about three months my nine month old son has almost learned to float on his own with the help of British swim school. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Nicole M.

Excellent teachers and effective methodology.

Excellent teachers and effective methodology help young swimmers of all ages improve, gain confidence, and become safer in and near water.

Riyad A.

Love Jake, he’s an awesome teacher.

Love Jake, he’s an awesome teacher. Love the small class size and focus!

Rosemary M.

We love the whole program!

We love the whole program! Our son has been through many caps, and he enjoys every time when we go to the swimming lessons.

Lucia M.

Would highly recommend this swimming program.

Our daughter had taken swim classes on and off since she was a toddler. We probably used about 3 different programs/schools, but no one was really able to conquer her fear of putting her face in the water. When our daughter was 6, we decided to commit to British Swim School. Both of the instructors she has had (Ms. Tara and Ms. Courtney) were kind and patient, but also firm. They never forced her, but would ask her to do a bit more each class so that she slowly became more comfortable. Now she jumps into the pool and is making steady progress on her strokes. When we saw how successful the program was for our daughter, we also enrolled our 18 month old son. He had fun and got used to the water in the parent-assisted Tadpole class with Ms. Christina and Ms. Tara. He recently transitioned to the “big boy” Young Minnow class which does not have parents in the pool. Ms. Tara was very thoughtful and clever about his transition, which went VERY smoothly. All of instructors take the time to get know each child and figure out what would motivate him/her. They also check in frequently with parents to make sure they are comfortable with the techniques being used. We have seen a tremendous amount of growth for each of our children and would highly recommend this swimming program.

Nicole L.

The instructors are professional and work well with the kids.

We started my daughter here a few months ago. The instructors are professional and work well with the kids. The class size is optimal as it gives the instructors time with each student individually without making the other kids in the class wait too long. In addition to teaching kids how to swim and the various strokes, they also teach water safety. They do not allow goggles for the first few levels unless medically necessary due to chlorine sensitivity. This allows the kids to get used to swimming without them – a plus if they were to accidentally fall into a pool, lake, or pond.

Sean G.

My 4 yr and 2 yr old have really blossomed in the program.

Both my boys are in the 1 a week classes and really enjoy them, teachers are good with the kids and approach getting to know each kid in a different way. The teachers can change from time to time, but they are always good about transitioning with the old and new teachers to ease the transition for the little kids/2 and under groups. My 4 yr and 2 yr old have really blossomed in the program and love the teachers and swimming! We plan to move them up to 2x a week because they enjoy it so much.

Sabrina R.

Strictly professional and passionate about what they do.

Every individual who is part of this organization is strictly professional and passionate about what they do. From my first contact over the phone to the instructors everyone was professional & patient to answer all my questions. The main office has great communication, as well as, the instructors. They reported my children progress after every class & what they needed to work on. My children are 7 & 9 with no previous exposure to swim lessons in the past. The instructors were extremely patient and helped my kids progress rapidly.

Rebecca F.

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