When it comes to British Swim School, there are several aspects that set us apart from the rest – our fun and gentle teaching methods, our dedication to ‘Survival of the Littlest’ and the fact that we have 40 years of experience teaching survival-based swim lessons. But one thing is for sure, we couldn’t spread the British Swim School mission across the United States and Canada without our wonderful franchise owners.

More About our Owners

Our 67 franchise owners are as unique as our swimmers, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and with prior experience spanning from business executive to stay-at-home parents, with just about everything in between!

What unites them? A passion for making a difference in their local communities with a mission-driven business. Our owners are dedicated to teaching water survival to all ages – from babies to toddlers to adults! They understand that it’s never too late or too early to learn how to swim and preach that message to their families. And, of course, our owners have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives the success across our 215 locations. 

We couldn’t do what we love without OUR OWNERS.


for spreading our mission!

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