Swim Safety in Oceanside: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

toddler swimming lessons in Oceanside

Even if your kids have grown up by the water in Oceanside, swim safety should always be at the top of your mind whenever your family heads to the beach. Accidents happen, but by following our swim safety tips you’ll be […]

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Want Your Child To Learn To Swim? Try Our Classes in Oceanside

Water Saftey

Swimming is one of those skills that kids carry with them for the rest of their lives. If you want your child to learn to swim, why not take them to British Swim School Carlsbad? Our lovely warm-water pool is […]

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Swimming Lessons in Oceanside for the Entire Family

girl learning to swim in pool with instructor

When it comes to fun family activities, you never want any of your children to feel like they’re being left out. In fact, it’s easy for kids to get engaged in activities when they know their siblings and parents are […]

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Toddler Swimming Lessons in Oceanside: How We Teach Them To Keep Safe

baby girl swims

Are your youngest kids still toddlers? It’s a perfect time to start acclimating them to the water. At British Swim School Carlsbad, we know that no one is too young (or too old) to start learning to swim. Our toddler […]

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Keep Pool Safety Top of Mind for Your Family in Oceanside

line of swimmer kids on side of the pool showing swimming lessons in Oceanside

You may think you have it down when it comes to pool safety, especially if your kids have grown up near the water in Oceanside, CA. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your kids […]

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Survival Week

Child Swimming

For nearly 40 years, British Swim School has been teaching water safety and water survival. Safety is the number one goal of our program. We aim to deliver life changing life skills using fun and gentle methods. In order to […]

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Adult Swimming Lessons in Oceanside: The Benefits for All Experience Levels

crouching swimmer woman

When you live in a place called Oceanside, knowing how to swim just makes sense. However, it turns out that many adults may not be as competent in the water as they should be. According to the American Red Cross, […]

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Meet Our Aquatics Director – Gigi Weir

Instructor in Pool

Just off the coast of New Jersey lies the small town of Lincroft; a mix of suburbs and farmland. From this small area hails our Aquatics Director Gigi Weir! Gigi spent most of her life on the east coast experiencing […]

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Swimming Lessons for Kids in Oceanside: Setting Expectations for Success

line of swimmer kids on side of the pool showing swimming lessons in Oceanside

When looking for swimming lessons for kids in the Oceanside area, you want to find a program that not only teaches your kids how to swim but also how to handle water emergencies and be safe. At British Swim School Carlsbad, […]

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On Sunday February 17th, 2019, we hosted one of our monthly Splashapalooza events. The event is designed to showcase our lessons and school. The event lasts two hours and is filled with information. Many families came out to enjoy an […]

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