Want Your Child To Learn To Swim? Try Our Manhattan Classes

Want Your Child To Learn To Swim? Try Our Manhattan Classes

Watching your kids gain confidence, independence, and discipline in the pool can be a powerful experience. At British Swim School Manhattan, we can help your child learn how to swim and get comfortable in the pool, and build a lifelong appreciation for the water. It’s a wonderful way for your child to start navigating a new and exciting environment on their terms.

Helping Children At All Ages Learn To Swim

Classes at British Swim School Manhattan are perfect for children of all ages, whether they’re just beginning to learn to swim or they’re highly proficient swimmers. For your child, it means that as they become more advanced swimmers, we’ll always have a class that can help them thrive in the water.

We start with swim lessons for infants of three months and up. In lively and song-filled classes, we gently acclimate them to the water with your assistance. If your child is older, our Minnow and Starfish classes are a great entry point for them to learn to swim. These lessons develop their water awareness, teach them to float, and get them learning their swim strokes.

In Manhattan, most of our classes have four participants at the most, to allow kids to receive close supervision, coaching, and support. Our goal is to get them to be safe and have fun in the water, while expanding on their knowledge of swimming.

Our Approach To Water Safety For Manhattan Swimmers

At British Swim School Manhattan, we want our students to have a great time when they’re swimming. But we also want to give them water safety and awareness tools that they can use whenever they’re close to the water. That’s why, before your child will learn to swim, we’ll teach them to float:

  • To give them an appreciation for the water. Floating is a slow and easy introduction to the water, and allows them to get used to being in the pool.
  • To provide them with a safety skill. The back float can be extremely helpful if a child is in a pool or body of water and needs help.
  • To allow them to take a break. When new swimmers are first starting in the pool, they can get fatigued. The back float allows your child to relax, breathe, and call out if they need help.

Enroll your child in classes so they can learn to swim. To ask about our programs and class schedule, contact British Swim School Manhattan at (917) 727-9942.

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