Toddler Swimming Lessons in Manhattan: How We Instill Water Safety

Toddler Swimming Lessons in Manhattan: How We Instill Water Safety

For families in Manhattan, toddler swimming lessons are a great way to cultivate early childhood development. During this crucial early stage, swim classes can hone a toddler’s coordination, balance, and motor skills. It can also strengthen their cognition. It also gives your child a chance to explore the water independently and safely, with plenty of fun involved.

At British Swim School Manhattan, our classes for toddlers are packed with singing, games, and fun. You’ll be able to supervise your child, while our instructor works one-on-one with them to help them safely enjoy the pool.

Our Safety-Focused Approach to Toddler Swimming Lessons in Manhattan

Studies show that professional classes can reduce risks of water-related danger for young children, since it gives them the ability to navigate water without panic. With our toddler swimming lessons in Manhattan, we incorporate safety into every aspect of our classes:

  • Acclimating to water. At British Swim School Manhattan, we start by gently introducing your child to the water. With songs, games, and splashing, we make it easy for little ones to get their feet wet. Acclimating your child to the pool will help them feel confident and in control whenever they’re in water.
  • Floating first. Before we start with swim strokes, we teach young swimmers to float. This important safety tool protects them in any situation where they’re in water and need assistance. They’ll learn to calmly float and yell for help, no matter where they are.
  • Rules for the water. For our toddler swimming lessons from British Swim School Manhattan, we include important ground rules for kids to remember. Through repetition, these rules help your little one practice water awareness at an early age. Anytime they’re in or near water, they can use these rules to stay alert and safe.

Water Safety For Parents and Kids in Manhattan

Our toddler swimming lessons are a perfect opportunity for parents to build up safety skills, too. We encourage families in Manhattan to learn water safety, with a take-home toolkit that provides clear guidelines for pool supervision. Proper supervision can also significantly reduce any risk to kids in the water, and our tips help parents ensure that there’s always someone watching the pool when it’s in use. For families, our safety-first lessons are helpful whenever you’re near any body of water, so your kids can have fun and stay protected.

Give your child a lively and safe environment where they can explore the water. To sign up for toddler swimming lessons, just call British Swim School Manhattan at (917) 727-9942.

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