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Importance of Year-Round Swim Lessons

British Swim School Announces First of its Kind Partnership with Hope Floats Foundation

October’s Survival Week

35 Ways to Stay Safe in and Around the Water

35 Ways to Stay Safe in and Around the Water

Know The Facts About Drowning

Two Chilling Pieces of Safety Advice Every Parent Needs to Hear Now

Drowning Happens in an Instant

35 Ways to Stay Safe in and Around the Water

Swim Lessons in Richmond: Why Water Safety Should be a Top Priority in 2019

What’s So Special About British Swim School?

Here Comes the Sun!

Swim Safety in Manhattan: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

Survival Week

Survival Week is one week every quarter where we focus on teaching survival skills in the water, should something happen outside of our lessons.

Why Adult Classes Are So Important

Did you know that British Swim School not only offers lessons for infants, children and youth, but that we also set ourselves apart from other swim schools by offering our distinctive take on full lessons for adults?

Toddler Swimming Lessons in Oceanside: How We Teach Them To Keep Safe

Survival Week

Why Continue With Swim Lessons Even After Summer Ends?

Learning Water Survival is first and foremost a skill – not a sport or activity. It is a lifelong necessity, and is always in-season.

British Swim School Splashes the Focus on Water Safety Month

Is Your Family Water Safe?

Water Shouldn’t Be Scary

May 15 Is International Water Safety Day! Prevent Drowning Through Awareness.

Happy New Year … The Year Of No Fear.