Swim Safety in Manhattan: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

Swim Safety in Manhattan: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

People often think of swimming as a summertime sport, but it’s actually a great way to keep your kids entertained and active all year long. However, where there’s water, there’s also risk. Whenever you take the family to your favorite pool in Manhattan, make swim safety your top priority.

How to Practice Basic Swim Safety in Manhattan

It may seem like something that can never happen to your family, but for children under the age of 5, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death across the country. For most of these tragic incidents, there was at least one parent there at the time.

So what does this heartbreaking statistic mean for your family? It means you should never take your kids’ safety for granted when you’re near the water.

At British Swim School Manhattan, we teach important swim safety skills to children and adults to help keep them safe. But swimming lessons aren’t the only way to protect your loved ones. To that end, we’ve put together the following basic swim safety tips that every family should practice:

Maintain constant surveillance and avoid distractions. It doesn’t matter if your kids know how to swim already or if they’re using some kind of flotation device. Make sure that an adult is watching them closely and attentively when they’re around water.

Keep a phone nearby, but only for emergencies. Your phone should only be used to call the paramedics if something goes wrong. If you’re watching your children, don’t take your eyes off of them to send a quick text or check a notification. Whatever it is can wait until yours kids are out of the water.

Be prepared to take action right away if someone starts drowning. Learn how to spot when someone is having trouble in the water. Take a CPR course so you can perform this lifesaving technique if they can’t breathe. Acting right away, even before the paramedics arrive, is the best way to prevent possible brain damage or death.

Sign Up for Swimming Lessons at British Swim School Manhattan

Children can start learning swim safety techniques at a very young age, so don’t wait to sign your little ones up for swimming lessons at British Swim School Manhattan.

Call us today at (917) 727-9942 to enroll your kids in swimming classes and learn more about swim safety in Manhattan.

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