Swim Lessons in San Antonio: Why Water Safety Should be a Top Priority in 2019

Swim Lessons in San Antonio: Why Water Safety Should be a Top Priority in 2019

Swimming and water play is a favorite of kids everywhere. But with the fun of water activities comes danger in the form of drowning and water-related injuries, making water safety essential for every member of the family. Make 2019 the year your family learns water survival and safety skills with swim lessons from British Swim School North San Antonio.

Our program integrates water safety and survival instruction into every swim lesson, giving San Antonio area families the skills and knowledge they need to swim safe, have respect for water, and know what to do in an emergency.

Water Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Every year, over 1,000 children die from unintentional drowning, and over 5,000 suffer nonfatal near drowning-related injuries, making water safety crucial for every family.

Help keep kids safe with these helpful tips from British Swim School North San Antonio:

  1. Children can drown silently and within seconds, so make sure children have constant supervision from a responsible adult at all times.
  2. Install a safety fence around your pool, and when visiting another home, always inquire if they have a pool and safety fence.
  3. Be able to recognize the signs of drowning and secondary drowning.
  4. Know how to perform CPR, and keep a phone close by so you can call 911 quickly if needed.
  5. Enroll your children in swim lessons in the San Antonio area that not only teach swimming but also water safety and survival skills.

Swim Lessons With a Focus on Safety in San Antonio

At British Swim School North San Antonio, our swim lessons incorporate water safety into every session with fun games and activities that keep kids laughing and smiling as they learn.

Just a few of the lifesaving skills our students learn include:

  • Full submersion and how to back float
  • Torpedo rollovers
  • How to swim all four swim strokes
  • Pool safety, including pool entry and exit
  • How to swim-flip-swim to safety
  • What to do in an emergency

Students learn these life-saving skills at their own pace in small classes taught by our enthusiastic and encouraging instructors. Our swim lessons are taught in warm, indoor pools conveniently located throughout the San Antonio area, allowing our program to run year-round even in searing heat or cold rainy weather.

To enroll your family in swim lessons that include water safety and survival, call British Swim School North San Antonio today at (210) 888-9370. We look forward to swimming with you!

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