Our Premier Swimming Lessons For Manhattan Families

Our Premier Swimming Lessons For Manhattan Families

If you’re looking for a new activity for the family, you’ll want to check out swimming lessons from British Swim School Manhattan. We offer water survival classes for the kids as young as 3 months, stroke development lessons for older kids, and lessons for adults too! Our heated indoor pool allows for classes year-round.

Swim classes are the perfect balance of healthy physical activity with fun and learning. For infants and babies, professional classes are a great way for parents to get in quality bonding time with their little one, while they enhance their cognitive and motor skills in the water. We strive to make even the littlest kids water safe. For older kids in Manhattan, our swimming lessons can help your child gain confidence and self-esteem in a peer-based environment.

Our Approach To Fun and Safety at British Swim School Manhattan

Safety is always our first priority with any and all swim classes. Our instructors focus on getting swimmers comfortable with navigating the pool, with a strong appreciation for and awareness of water safety. We always introduce beginners to the back float, so that kids of all ages have the tools they need to call for help when in unfamiliar water. For older kids, we incorporate safety-based activities into lessons, so that your children know how to act confidently and safely when faced with challenges.

Along with safety, we also prioritize fun and learning in our swimming lessons. Our engaging and enthusiastic instructors are hired for both their water acumen and experience AND their bright personalities. At British Swim School Manhattan, we want children to gain the independence to explore the water on their own terms. Our instructors work closely with each swimmer to teach swim strokes and improve technique.

Choosing Swimming Lessons For Your Family in Manhattan

At British Swim School Manhattan, we don’t just have classes for kids and tots. There’s also plenty of swimming lessons for adults to take part in, too. We truly believe that it’s never too late (or too early) to start learning to swim.

With our classes, we offer family pricing to make sure your entire family can enjoy the water:

  • Extra discounts for any child taking more than one weekday or weekend class in Manhattan
  • Special pricing for when two or more family members take swim classes
  • Bundled membership fees for the entire family

Learn more about discounts and pricing for our swimming lessons. Call British Swim School Manhattan at (917) 727-9942.

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