October's Survival Week

October's Survival Week

The week of October 30 is the last Water Survival Week of 2017!

Some swim school locations are also holding Halloween costume contests. Check your local school for complete details.

Why teach kids to swim in their clothes for Survival Week?

In a word: safety. As we teach students water survival techniques, one important lesson is learning to navigate the water while fully clothed. After all, anyone who accidentally falls into a pool may not be dressed for it. Understanding the weight of their clothes underwater and how their body moves in them brings a whole new level of appreciation and skill for when a water accident may occur.

How you can prepare for survival week:

  1. Wear a swimsuit under the child’s clothes.
  2. Bring an extra plastic bag to put wet clothes in after the lesson.
  3. Survival week is for all swimmers, and parents can participate, too!
  4. The heavier the clothing, the more the child will feel the weight of it. (Think jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, sneakers or boots for maximum impact.)

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