Meet Thalia Nunez, Aquatics Lead

Meet Thalia Nunez, Aquatics Lead

Thalia Nunez, Aquatics Lead, has been swimming nationally and internationally for the past 24 years as part of a tri-state area competitive swim team. Her years of swim experience and her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Psychology provide an optimal approach to understanding and developing appropriate swimming strategies and techniques for all age group swimmers.

Teaching kids (really everyone who wants to learn how to swim) is Thalia’s passion. She believes that nurturing discipline, commitment, teamwork, integrity, and determination through swimming are valuable added benefits to learning the critical life skill of swimming. Building a foundation on hard work and fun is the basis to correct survival and stroke technique, which makes it easier to become a happy and safe swimmer, and enables kids to learn at an easier and more efficient rate.

Thalia aspires to continue on her Aquatic path and looks forward to helping mold the generation of tomorrow one swim lesson at a time!

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