Kids Swimming Lessons in Miami

Kids Swimming Lessons in Miami

Girl jumping off diving board at kids swimming lessons in Miami.While finding kids swimming lessons in the Miami area may be easy, finding a program with a focus on water safety can be somewhat challenging. That’s why so many parents in Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami, Sunset, and the surrounding Florida communities choose British Swim School Coral Gables West Miami for their kids swimming lessons. With fun games and activities that keep kids eager to learn, we integrate water safety and survival into every swimming lesson.

Safety Focused Kids Swimming Lessons in Miami

Interested in enrolling your child in swimming and water safety lessons, but not sure which class is the right fit? At British Swim School Coral Gables West Miami, we have kids swimming lessons for every age and skill level, including:

  • Swimming lessons for infants and toddlers 3 to 36 months. Our parent-assisted classes are Tadpole and Swimboree:
    • Tadpole introduces our littlest swimmers to the water for the first time, introducing full gentle submersion and an assisted back float with ears in.
    • Swimboree builds on the skills taught in Tadpole. Instructors work one-on-one with you and your child in small classes of four kids or less. Goals of Swimboree include full submersion, assisted submerged torpedo, and the ability to separate from the parent.  
  • Swimming lessons for kids 18 to 36 months. Kids who have met the goals of Swimboree advance to our Seahorse class.
    • Seahorse. In this class, parents actively participate from the pool deck while students are in the water. Students learn to back float independently, Jump + roll+ float for 20 seconds, and other important swimming and safety skills.   
  • Swimming lessons for kids 3 years and up. Six classes are available for kids, tweens, and teens at every skill level:
    • Starfish, Minnow, and Turtle 1 are our beginner to intermediate classes. Starfish begins with water acclimation and basic water safety. As kids advance through Minnow and Turtle 1, they learn advanced water survival techniques and new swimming skills including elementary swim strokes and side breathing.
    • Turtle 2,  Shark 1, and Shark 2 are for our advanced swimmers. In Turtle 2 and Shark 1, students learn and then perfect all four swim strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke. In Shark 2, students are prepared for future swim team participation, increasing speed and stamina in the water and learning about drills and medleys.
  • Swim team. Coached by experienced instructors, our Barracudas swim team improves individual stroke technique, distance, stamina, and speed while learning about competition and team building.

For more information about our kids swimming lessons or to enroll your child, call British Swim School Coral Gables West Miami today at (844) 446-7946. Our swimming lessons are available to kids of all ages and abilities in Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami, Sunset, and the surrounding communities.

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